Thursday, July 16, 2009

Funny people around.

Yesterday pick Bobo up from school and sent her to dentist appointment at 4+pm. There was a mini station (selling bubble tea & snacks) just beside the clinic. While waiting, i asked Bobo to go for a drink. Then i met a few weird and funny students! Haha

First, came one teenage couple. The guy was in half uniform & he had lion king hairstyle so i guess he should be from ITE. The girl was in home clothes. They sat down and ordered their drinks.

Then suddenly the guy shouted to the aunt, "Aunty, 给我一个属毛!"

Aunty : HUH? 你要什么?

Guy : Eh.. eh.. 是属条!

We burst into laughter. Cos when he said, i was thinking, what on earth is 属毛? Issit a new kind of snack that i don't know? LOL

Then came 2 girls in uniform (paiseh i don't know which sec sch). They were tickling each other & laughing away. -___-"

So funny meh? I don't tickle my friends leh. So weird like that, bo tai bo chi suddenly go tickle each other.

After the dental check, went to pick Raeann and off to Jurong Point to meet up with Meiyi + Daphne, XS, Hamster + Ashlyn for dinner. Mummies outing, babies + kids gathering. LOL

The moment Raeann saw XS they all, she said, 'ACHE CHING mei mei'. Haha she can remember her name! And btw, she call XS - AH SHAN.

No pics at all cos everyone was busy with own kids. :) Anyway, Daphne & Ashlyn really resembles their daddy so much. Luckily Raeann don't, ah bo i really faint.

Anyway, these few days, i managed to 'talk' Raeann round into behaving herself well especially at outside. She's finally back to normal & able to sit down properly to eat with me like last time. And best thing is, she don't bo tai bo chi shout & scream anymore. *phewz* I really don't wish that all my efforts will go down the drain again. Sigh

Last night she was so funny lor...

We watched channel 55 together every night. The show ended at about 9.45pm. She go down the bed, off the TV & order me to go & sleep. Hahahahaha (My light is always off at 9pm but TV will still be on.) Then she gave me a peck on my cheek & said 'night night'. Utterly sweet. :)

While lying on the bed...

Me : What's your name?

Raeann : ANN. (She doesn't know how to say RAE yet.)

Me : No, it's Rae-ann.

Raeann : Re-ANN.

She will go to bed herself before 10 everyday and wake up at 7am every morning, even on weekends (at my place lah, at other's, i'm not sure). She's quite power de cos she can sleep within 3 mins. I'm glad she got this 早睡早起 habit. :)

That's my girl. I know she's into TERRIBLE 2 stage now (everybody told me so). But i believe with discipline, she will not go over the limit. It's up to individual.

Ah bo why some kids can tear down the whole restaurant when eating while some don't? Why some kids roll and cry on the floor if they're unable to get the things they want while some don't? It's the discipline & teaching by the adults lah. If you don't stop them & make them know they can't do that, they will never know that it's wrong to do so.

I'm still trying to change this stupid habit of Raeann - hitting people. I don't want her to grow up to be as violent as her 'good' dad, not happy, hit people. THIS IS WRONG!

If everyone not happy also can hit people, there will be chaos everywhere liao. There's no any reason to excuse people from using violent. Lame reasons are always, 'she/he force me to do so', 'i 忍无可忍 liao', 'she/he deserves it' & etc. Even if he/she deserves it, you also don't have the right to do so. 人在做, 天在看. God will punish those who deserve to be punished. There will be retributions wan, it's only a matter of time.

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