Friday, July 3, 2009

Stupid curry!

I don't like curry. :(

Curry had never been in my list of favourite food. But becos canteen food sux, i ate curry mee today. And i regretted it so much!

Cos it stained 2 tiny dots on my yellow dress. Though it's only tiny dots but it's damn fucking obvious. And no matter how i wash, the stain can't seem to be remove. Sigh. I think gotta ask Mary to use color bleach on it. *sad*

It's my one and only (errr.. no!) 2nd yellow dress and i really love yellow recently. I want more yellow clothings!

I'm meeting darling shan for dinner & groceries shopping later! And chicken er er & scopion are coming over for mj session tonight! I had no choice but to find something to do since i had no choice but to let Raeann go back to CCK tonight.

Thanks all for the comments & advices.
Replies to tagboard :

To Guest: Thank you! I will. :)

To Passer: Yeah. I don't think i ever need such a loser in my life.

To mommy: Thank you for your support. I know he don't deserve me at all. Maybe should i say, i don't "deserve" him? Nevertheless, i still hope he can find someone better lah.
The day before i left Genting, i brought Raeann for shopping. I bought her a pair Nike sport shoes. It's damn cute & she loves it so much. It may cost a little expensive but what matter most is, she feels comfortable in it. :)


I'll be back... soon! TaT@ all!


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