Thursday, July 2, 2009

The truth.

I wonder what has ZY been telling people what exactly happen to us that leads to 'the divorce'.

He had made up some wonderful story to cover himself for the reason of 'why he wanna hit me?' He told everyone it's becos i want to go out and meet guys & that's why he hitted me.

RUBBISH. I can swear this is totally not true!

On that bloody day, he claimed that he was very sick & scolded me for not looking after Raeann so that he could rest.

Ok then, i brought Raeann to the market to pack dinner for everybody including him.

When i reached home, about 45 mins later, he was chatting on the phone (as usual). So, i asked him to go & eat his food...

After dinner, his friend called. AND...

He told me he recovered already & he's going out!

WTF! Who wouldn't get angry?

I told him that he should be resting at home since he's very sick, so why is he still going out?

Then he scolded me lots of vulgarities & said that i'm very kaopei.

Alright then. I stopped talking & told him i wanna go out too.

I swear i did not call up anyone or intend to meet anyone. He knew it too cos my phone did not ring at all.

I just want to step out of the house for awhile to avoid quarrels with him cos i never like to quarrel in front of Raeann.

He got super agitated when i was about to change. He strangled my neck & hit my head/back against the wardrobe about 5 times. My bro came to stop but he still continue. He slapped me & i fell to the floor. He did all these in front of Raeann that frighten her so much & she refused to talk for one week!

Just tell me lor. What on earth did i do to actually deserve all these from him? Did i had an affair or something?

I did not want to blog or say about this cos i knew he's twisting the story again as to cover his own backside. So, why should i bother to argue? My conscious is clear & i don't owe anybody any explaination.

He can say whatever he wants. Make the whole world believe what he said but GOD is always there to see.

For everything that he had done, he doesn't deserve any more chance at all. No matter what he do, i'll never ever forgive him.

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