Monday, July 6, 2009

Waraku @ ECP!

Had mahjong marathon on Friday night with shan, chicken er er & scopion at my place from 10pm - 7am! Super tired but did not really sleep well. Woke up at 12pm? Yeap, only 5 hours of sleep, not enough!

ZY brought Raeann back to my place at around 3pm. I wanted to change her & bring her out. That's why i insist he bring her back instead of me picking her up. I'm afraid she'll stink with messy hair lah. She came back with cough & running nose this time round. :( I don't understand why. -___-"

Anyway, brought her to meet up with old friends. Initially wanted to watch Transformers de, but Raeann was toooooooooo noisy so decided to change plan lor. Brought her to the arcade and she dare to sit the merry-go-round le!!

Ok lah! She's very hum ji last time which i don't know why. Cos i'm not mah. She will cry the moment the thing moves. But she finally dare to now! Hooray! I must train up her guts so in future she will play the space shot with me. LOL

Mahjong again at friend's place till around 10+pm & home we went. Raeann was very very sleepy liao. Me too! Raeann fell asleep immediately after i cleaned & changed her. I slept before 12am. That end my wonderful Saturday. Wonderful cos i get to see them again... :)

Went with mummy to meet up with aunt to Sembawang to settle some personal issue. Then sent aunt home @ Sengkang. FFFAAARRR lo!

On our way back, we decided to settle our early dinner first, thinking & thinking where & what to eat. I suddenly thought of Waraku @ ECP. Don't ask me why cos i had no idea either. I've never been to ECP Waraku before (only visited Kallang's branch once).

And guess what?

I saw chicken er er there @ 5pm! LOL

It's neither lunch nor dinner time yet. But it's such a coincidence that i can meet her there lo! Haha

Maybe it's fate?

I was so shock when i saw her. Then i asked her "why i so sway, here also able to meet u?" Wahahahhahaha

And she said it's my honour lor. Haha

We spent quite some time taking pictures @ the entrance. Luckily she never see that ah bo she sure laugh her ass off de. LOL

Mummy & Bobo were commenting that the food are special & nice. But mine, i feel it's so-so only leh. Maybe i ordered the wrong one lah. Raeann was so noisy till i'm unable to concentrate on the menu.

Then chicken er er told me their chawamushi taste great! I'll go back there again lah. That's for sure.

Anyway, my spine/back's pain came back recently. I run out of the medicine already. :( I don't want to buy cos i don't wish to depend on it lah. I'm still so young, don't wish to be like an old ah ma, everyday taking pills. Sian. I will 'ren' until i really cannot take it then go & take the medicine again!

Aiyo... I'm still hesistating whether to do rebonding or cut my hair short short? My hair is very very messy now. How?
Replies to tagboard :

To zsmile: Thanks for your encouragement. I guess a leopard will never change it's spot. So i don't believe in giving chance anymore. Yeah lor. That's my ONLY hope is that Raeann don't ever be like him. So lazy, so violent, so 自大, etc etc.

To Wildboar: Hihi. Thanks for reading my complains. :) Don't get so agitated over him ok? Hehe I'm not angry at all. I gave up that's why i no longer have any feeling over all these shits. I knew that he no longer love me, that's why he lay his hands on me. That's one thing for sure. But it's ok. I don't bother anymore.

To E: Thanks for your concern. We're really fine, even better without him lor. Just that i don't know if i'm doing the right thing or not to let him bring Raeann home for one day every week. I don't wish to but everyone keep scolding me. They said i shouldn't deprive her rights cos no matter what, he's her dad.

But sometimes, they just don't understand how upset & angry am i to see Raeann getting more & more jialat. They always tell me it's her growing stage & she got influence from the school, which are loads of rubbish. COS Raeann is the naughtiest in her class & she's the one influencing people lor.

How to teach her when i'm the ONLY devil around? And everyone being the angels to give her whatever she wants? And she scream if she don't get the thing she wants? And when she scream, everyone give in to her? This is not the way man. Cos it will lead her to more screaming in future as she knows that ONLY she scream, she can gets whatever she want.

I'm tired of explaining all these to them. Really vomit blood.

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