Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bery bery sick ah.

I think i bump into "ghost"!

It's the lunar 7th month now & mummy has been reminding me not to go out late. I refused to listen & i got my lesson. :(

I was very very very sick for the last few days. And i can't seem to get well even though after seeing a doctor & doses of medicine.

It's super torture. I've got no strength cos i've got no appetite to eat at all. I just lie on the bed, head si bei heavy & totally RESTLESS!

I look very pale now.

I'm not going out for the whole of this 7th month anymore! I will CONTROL!

*cough* *cough*


Money = Authority

Yes, it's true. So now, i'm gonna earn alot alot of $$! Hahahaha

Ok, going to earn $ now. Byebye.

Keep the Nuffnang ads coming! Thanks to all advertisers! I can cash out again soon! :)

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