Monday, September 28, 2009

Secret disclosed!

I finished up 1 book out of 7 books of voucher today. My right hand is breaking. =(

Anyway, my first ex bf & i keep in contact recently. First ex bf = first love wor. HAHA!

We sorted out our misunderstanding! LOL!

You know, all along i thought he was the one who broke my heart during that particular year, 1997? (12 years ago! OMG) I forgot.

But then hor, he told me, is my mummy who called him & tell him that i'm still very young & i need to study first then he started to keep a distance from me!

Sigh. Made me so upset that time wor...

But, during these 12 years, we did meet a few times unexpectedly. Very paiseh of cos. But i cannot remember anything anymore. I choose to forget! He was the one who reminded me of every single thing now. How come he can still remember ah? His memory so good meh?

He just sent me a msg on FB! Sending me this song; our song!

It's playing on my blog now!

His msg with it was : Good Old Days.

YES. Good old days. Although i'm still trying very hard to recall... the past!

Good memories are meant to be kept. I die die must recall everything & keep it in my heart forever. =)

Busy busy busy...

It's the time of the year again...

Voucher, Accounts, Petty Cash, Bank Statements, etc etc.

I'm busy now & thus, please pardon me for not being able to update my blog these 2 weeks!

GTG now. Bye!

Friday, September 25, 2009

What happening?

What's wrong with me?

Raeann went back to CCK today & i'm free, i should be very happy. But i'm not leh. Why huh?

I want to know why...

There are people asking me to club. I'm not in the mood leh.

Very tired, no clothes to wear, got 2 pimples (puberty lah!) & damn moody.

And most importantly, it's such a waste of $$$.

Should i just rot myself at home today?

Give me an answer please.


Ok, something cropped up & i've to go out soon!

Enjoy your weekends guys!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


In a blink of eyes, our lantern festival is approaching already! Hooohooo.

XS bought me this cute box of mooncake!


This silly girl says that she don't know what to buy for me at Genting cos she don't have much time to shop. End up she bought mooncake! Hahaha Thank you! I'm so INTO mooncakes recently. Don't know why...


This pic are taken ages ago, forget when liao!

Anyone wanna meet me for lunch today? I want to go IMM!! Call me!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shopping makes me alive!

Hush Puppies & Levis Warehouse Sales!

Location : Bukit Batok St 23. Behind Shatec.

Opening Hours : Close @ 7pm.

Until 4th Oct 2009!

Ok, i think it's better to post here. Cos since yesterday i posted the shoutout on FB, my phone has been ringing... Until NO BATT! Battery totally flat!

I dropped by during lunch yesterday, it's just 5 mins walk from my office. But becos my brother was going out & office got no people, i meant to go & take a look only.

But end up leh, i chop chop shop for around 7 mins & i spent $50.00 liao. Haiz...

One Levis tank top ($14.00) & short ($14.00) for myself.

One Hush Puppies polo tee ($10.00) & mini skirt ($12.00) for Raeann.

I think i'm damn PRO lah. Later i'm going again, hehehe.

Cos many people call and ask me to check if there's men shoes, what's the opening hours & etc.

Later i'll go & have a good look & then inform all of you ok?

The polo tee look damn cute on Raeann. There are various colors. I'm thinking whether to get all the colors or not? U.P is $26.90 but now is only $10.00!!

I shall see if there's Ashlyn's size or not! I think it will look damn cute on her too!

Yesterday i tried the clothes on Raeann. She proudly go show off to my bro & JJ. She said, 'Ah Gu, NEW!', pointing on her clothes. Haha!

Ok, i go do my work now. So that later i can go shopping! Hahahaha

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fatty Bom Bom


I just had a hard time squeezing into my 25" Levis jeans. Sad lo... =(

I need to diet, really. But i've got no idea how to do so?

The more i exercise, the more i eat.

I can't fast cos my tummy will be making alot of noise.

And whenever i eat too full (which is like everytime), i feel so sleepy.

I thought a pig possessed me during the 7th month. But 7th month is already over, why am still like that?


Anyway, i'm going to bring Raeann to Safra Kidz Amaze to play later. This time round, i'll play with her! I hope i can squeeze into those holes & gaps. Ha!

Long weekend is coming to an end just like that?

Raeann is so funny. I bought her a small toy gun ($2.25 only, so cheap!) yesterday at market. She has been holding the gun everywhere she goes since yesterday. And just now, she 'shooted' me, Bobo & Mary & we forged death. Somehow, we were guessing who will she 'save' first!

Guess who?!


She said, 'Raeann die'. And she make the death sound/pose with her tongue sticking out. Super funny!

All of us kept laughing...

This terror ah... She can make me very angry but she also can make me very happy!

And she's dam smart now. If she knows that i'm angry with her, before i scold her, she'll apologise to me first. She will say, 'Mummy SORRY' then touch my face & say 'Sayang'.

Sigh. I salute to her man. How to get angry with sucha darling?

Going to prepare her now. =)

Blood Ties (2009)

Before we entered the cinema, Weilun told me something... And i just couldn't stop laughing!

He said he went to read reviews on Yahoo! about this movie - Blood Ties (2009) and one of the review was :

What's good about the show : Nothing
What's bad about the show : Everything

Whahhahahahhaha! He was wondering why i would want to watch such a movie?

And well, IT'S TRUE!

I only find pervert & grusome scenes inside. I don't find it scary at all & the story line sucks. I'm so disappointed in Singapore production. =(

I'm surprise to read at how awesome people comments about it. Issit so? Watch it & you know!

But but... Don't regret lah!

I've not watch a movie for a super long time. And WTF, i don't know why the hell i choose this. I must have been fooled by the good ratings people gave in GV website. Argh!

I thought it will be some horror movie. But, no leh. Why they make it look as though it's a horror show? Sigh


It shall be deemed as the worst show i've watched in 2009!

Waste time & $!

You know, i'm bored till i peeled off my nail polish during the show! Hahahahaha

Anyway, it's nice meeting up with old friend. =)

Waking up at 7+am later so i'm off to bed now. Good night all.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kitoko Kalani

Just back from market... My legs are dam painful when going down the stairs, i think is muscle ache leh. =(

Anyway, i've something very good to intro all ladies out there...


If you're using Loreal Eye & Lip make-up remover, maybe you can consider using Kitoko Kalani (should be spelt like this) too!


It cost $14.90 for 2 bottles now.

I love the pleasant & sweet sweet smell. So gentle yet so strong, it cleans everything off gently within seconds. It goes the same for their nail polish remover at $4.90 per bottle.

However, if you've sensitive eyes, you gotta be extra careful when cleaning. I've used it for days already & i didn't face any problem yet.

You can purchase it at any Spring Beauty shop. I bought mine at West Mall. =)

P/S: I'm not paid to do this ad hor.

I'm lucky to be given with natural good skin. For this, i've to thank my mum for passing me her good gene. I don't have to spend money on any skin care at all. I only use WATER to wash my face. It's cheap! Thank god i'm born pretty that i only need to do slight edition to my pics. ie, brightening, add frame & blog address. I don't know how to photoshop & i don't see the need to photoshop. Me and my friends are naturally pretty & we look as pretty as we are in real life.


I used the Eye & Lip make up remover cos i usually focus more on my eye make up. I need to clean off the eyeliner & eyelash glue throughly otherwise my lash will stick together lah!

It's good, really. Try it!

My parents are going Beijing tonight! *Bon Voyage & have a safe trip! Enjoy yourselves!*

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A very lame entry.

This morning, Raeann woke me up at around 7.30am. She asked for milk. So i woke up & make her 6 Oz milk & went back to sleep unknowingly. The TV was on & Raeann kept singing but i was too tired cos i slept at around 5am.

Then at around 8.15am, Raeann woke me up again. She told me she 大便 and want me to wash for her. I woke up & bring her to bathe. Then we watched TV & K.O together at around 11am. SO TIRED NA!

I woke up at around 1+pm & Raeann woke up about 5 mins later. Then we had our lunch, hokkien mee together. I bought the ultra large packet at $4.00. We cannot finish, what a waste!

Then i suddenly feel like going to Vivo cos i need to get my Mac cosmetics. I asked mummy if she wants to go with me otherwise i'll bring Raeann there alone.

And becos my mummy loves me, she feels that it will be difficult for me to buy things with Raeann around when i'm alone, so she accompany me there. And we're just back from Vivo! Si bei song!

Upon reaching there, we went to Mac first. My studio fix was OOS so i bought the concealer first. I also bought a compact for mummy using my Citi TANGS card. The compact's price increased. Now @ $47.00! OMG! Few years back was only $39.00! LOL

After that, we went to Series & Red to see if there are any nice clothes. Mummy purchased a top & a skirt for herself & one black shorts for me. =)

We took turn to carry Raeann cos she was too lazy to walk.

Thereafter, we went to Bosses for our dinner. I miss the food there lah!

I ordered fried rice & mummy ordered the spicy & sour ramen. My fried rice was ok but it was too big a portion for me & Raeann, we can't finish. But Raeann finished one bowl of it by herself. What a darling... =) Mummy told me her ramen sucks.

After our dinner, we went to Chomel! I love the accessories there!

Mummy bought me a watch & a pair of earrings. Chio. *loves*


I love big frame watches!


Mummy was the one paying cos i was busy chasing Raeann around. And she also bought a few items for herself. I love my mum, she's the best! Yes, i don't take $ from my parents now but i don't reject gifts from them either. It's rude you know?

While she's still shopping, i brought Raeann to Toy'r'us for a walk only. I will never buy her any toys for nothing. And of cos, my girl will not make a big fuss if i refuse to buy her any toys. Most of the time, we're only there for a walk. Unless someone is around... Which i don't wish to mention who is he anymore.

On our way home, Raeann fell asleep inside the car, as usual. =)

Mary helped me to bathe Raeann while i'm busy unpacking. Made 6 Oz of milk for her & she's in her sweet dreams now.

Ok, that's all for what i've done today. Is this entry lame anot? LOL! I think that someone is just so interested in daily routines & always accuse me of not looking after Raeann.

I'm going to stay at home today. Today my wild chick's mode is off lah. I got no mood to party. I'm going to pack my room. It's been messy for quite some time liao.

Tomorrow morning i'm bringing Raeann to market with my parents. I need to buy her shampoo & shower foam.

Ok lah. I go bathe liao. Good night peepz!

I love spammer!

Wow... Wow... Wow...

I so love spammer in my blog. You know?

Cos the more comments you spammer made, the more ads i'll get from Nuffnang! Keep it up, jo! =)

Love me or hate me, it's just a thin line in between.

I don't expect everyone in the world to love me cos i don't love everybody as well.

Whether i'm a good mum or not, only Raeann knows. If both of us don't get Raeann's custody then who will get? You? Raeann came out from your CB? You must be one who cannot give birth that's why you're jealous of people with kids. All this are fated lah. Do more good deeds instead of coming people's blog to bark & maybe god will grant you a kid.

I party cos i've the $ to party, what can you do to me?

And which law says that being a mother cannot party? I don't throw Raeann aside & party everyday. I did my duty. Do you mean i must report to you everyday how i look after Raeann? Sending & picking her up everyday. Waking up at 7am everyday even though i went party the day before. Bringing her out for dinner or shopping alone after a day of tiring work. Hug her to sleep every night. Teaching her what is right & wrong.

It's not as easy as it seems.

I can't move out cos my parents love me so much, you know? And my house has got ample rooms to let me stay in. Just too bad i stay in a SEMI-D lah. And what can you do to me?

And hor, not everyone got the talent & ability to edit pics. If you're simply ugly, no matter how much you edit, you will still be UGLY.

I'm born with pretty looks, what can you do to me?

I bet you are UGLY, you know why?

Your heart is UGLY.

Pretty people don't go around people's blog & give nasty comments. They have much better things to do. Not like you. Nobody date you. No kid to accompany you. No friends want to go out with you. I feel so sad for you.

How you know i'm getting both bags? I got $ leh. What can you do to me?

I tell you one secret, i spent 16K on shares. These 2 bags are nothing to me at all. You're critising all ladies who bought these 2 designs - Matching ugliness.

Com'on lor! Don't be jealous of someone's good fortune & make imbecile comments.



Get a life, my dear!

I'm so happy last night & YOU got no ability to affect me at all.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Counting down 2 hours to see my 宝贝.

Counting down 7 hours to see my darling.

Counting down 8 hours to see my baby.

Counting down 9 hours & we can bid 'sayonara' to all the 'ghost'. Bye ah ma!

Counting down 187 days & i can finally get rid of that cb.

He called and provoke me earlier, again. He wanted to bring Raeann home. But his attitude was damn fucked up, as if i owe him alot of $ like that.

ZY : Later i bring ah girl home.

ME : No.

ZY : Why cannot? U very unreasonable leh.

ME : You should have call earlier. Now is so last min & i've already planned all my things. So, NO.

ZY : *shouting* U purposely want to find quarrel issit?

ME : I say NO means NO.

ZY : *shouting* but i forgot what shit he said.

And he hung up...

If he's going to ask for a request, he better talk nicely & ask me 1-2 days earlier. He so last min, expect people to keep changing plans becos of him!


Last time like that, after so long, still like that. Always expect people to understand him whereas he's never considerate for people.

Rain Rain, GO AWAY!

Why is the weather so weird recently? And it always purposely rain very very heavily during lunch hour? Very sian lor. How am i going to buy lunch again? Haiz. Hate to get wet lor. Haiz.

Long weekend this week. Any plans?

XS going to Genting (again) with her ILS. I hope she can enjoy herself & get along with her MIL there.

As for me, no plans yet. SG is damn boring & i honestly don't know what to do?

Mahjong - No mood & $.
Party - No $.
At home - Sian.
Shopping - No $.

ARGH! Let me die lah.

Now on a MIL topic on FB! Everyone is so agitated & kan si lang dulan. LOL! I think all MIL are the same? Si bei kpo, bias & talk alot? And only know how to use their mouth to talk? I'm filled with anger when i talk about my MIL.

I hate her - this is something that will never change for my entire life! Even till the day she lie inside the coffin...

Yes, i hate her. But i'll never do anything to harm her or anyone. As what i always think, 人在做,天在看. There's no need for me to do anything at all cos i know god will punish her one day. It's just sooner or later! Just wait & see bah!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mad about O.P.I!

We're totally mad about O.P.I now.

We = XS & me.

Ha! That day after lunch, she came to my office & we applied nail polish. =P

The colors are superb! Si bei chio.

Then yesterday, i was at home to look after Raeann. When Raeann was sleeping, i was too bored cos i forgot to bring my laptop back, i decided to put another layer at the tip to make it 'french'.

Oh well, i failed, as usual.

And i don't have the color to re-apply on that one particular finger. No choice. I removed everything & applied Russian Navy.

Now, i regretted. Cos i think the previous color looks nicer on my fingers. Haiz

But i'm real lazy to get the nail polish from XS & re-do it again! Oh my!

I think next week then do ba. Meantime, i should just ignore it...

But, there's a top coat which is really good. It dries up the nail in 60 secs! And i mean, really dry. It makes applying nail polish easier for impatient people like me! =)

XS also think it's damn good!

I'm going to buy a few more bottles to stock up at home. Hope it won't dry up!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jog the hell outta me!

Yesterday hor, i went jogging leh!!

At the J.W stadium opposite my house. And then hor, i almost died there lor.


But at least i jogged 3 rounds. That's 1.2km liao! LOL! Totally exhausted!

Raeann jogged 2 rounds and she wants me to 'bao bao' her liao. She looks so funny when she jog! Very cute! Everyone was looking at her. She was so slow and i've to wait for her. AIYO. And this morning i asked if she wants to go jogging again tonight, her reply was '不要'. Hahaha VERY LAZY!

I think i'm really getting old liao. Or should i say, getting lazier?

During sec sch days, i can run my 2.4km in 11 mins. Now leh? 1.2km only, want to die already. Why huh? Issit due to smoking?

Weilun said i should exercise more. But but but... I WILL ALSO EAT MORE LEH! Like that can slim down meh? Exercise doesn't seems a good choice for me lor.

Now whole body aches. =(

This Raeann ah, i really cannot stand her. Yesterday i lie on her pillow (Used to be mine lor! Those support pillow type!), she said, 'Mummy EXCUSE' and she push my head away. -________-"

She speaks in multiple language; chinese, english & hokkien.

Tomorrow i'll need to stay home & look after her cos ah khim is busy.


Terrorist always eat by herself now, with chopsticks! Everytime when eating outside, there will sure be people looking at her, crowd around our table & ask me why she knows how to use chopstick! Don't ask me why, cos i don't know either. I never teach her, i not so 厉害. She just learnt it herself! And she knows it when she was about 1 yr old? Think so. Can't remember.

Meeting XS for lunch later! Darling girl bought me a nail polish remover pump. Thank you girl! =)

I think my life is quite blessed already. I've one super good friend/sister, one ultimate mother, 3 lovely siblings who loves Raeann so much & one naughty 小宝贝. I don't ask for much anymore. Only wish is for them to be healthy & happy always, that's all i'm asking for. God, do you hear me?

Monday, September 14, 2009

BBQ again...

Before i start this entry, i've a few random pics to post first!


Look at Raeann's flip flop! Hahaha So cute!

These are her shoes. 10 pairs & still counting... And i think there are 2 pairs that's missing. Don't know where i misplaced it to... No choice, her mummy is a shoes freak!
My Russian Navy nail color! Chio chio.
I went shopping at OG with mummy yesterday noon. Cos she wanted to get her OG card lah. Sigh. AUNTY!
And i saw 2 watches that i liked...

In rose gold color... (This color lor!)

In white color...
I don't know which to buy & end up i didn't buy any. LOL! I love the piece in rose gold color! But it's too expensive! $254+ after discount. And the white one cost $160+ after discount. I preferred metal than leather strap! If one week later i'm still thinking about this watch, i will buy it! LOL!


Held another round of BBQ on Raeann's actual birthday. BBQ twice in a week, very scary! And i'm si bei fat now. I feasted for entire one week liao!

But this BBQ is mainly for family only cos i never invite anyone. It's a last min decision lah! Cos i cannot decide where to go for dinner. So mum suggested BBQ! It's a good choice cos everyone is happy! =)

And of cos, the happiest person is Raeann lor. My dad's friend's kids played with her. Bobo's friend carry her around. And she gets to blow candles again!

On behalf of Raeann, i would like to thank:

1) My mum for the big fat angbao,
2) Ah khim for the angbao,
3) KK & JJ for the angbao,
4) XS & Hamster for the angbao,
5) Dad's friend & wife for the angbao &
6) Bobo for that $25.00 contribution for the car seat!

Never celebrate also receive 5 angbaos! Not bad! LOL! Raeann's a rich girl!


Her trademark one-line eyes. Haha!
In the morning that day, she was already very busy! Not busy preparing the food of cos! But what's she busy with??? Guess!
She's helping Mary to sweep the floor. Mai siao siao. Look at her hand! What's she taking?

A super small jackfruit. My house has a jackfruit tree lah.


FOOD!! I bought chicken wings, chicken fillet, taiwan sausage, crabmeat, hotdog, cheese sausage, pork chipola, sotong balls & etc from Giant. My parents bought all the seafood like crabs, prawns & stingray. ALOT of food!

I, again, eat till want to puke.


This is Bobo's friend. He tilted his head cos he don't want to take pic! Raeann tilted his head cos she wants to follow him. End up? This pic is so funny!

My face is getting rounder... HAIZ!!! 救命啊! 我不想变肥婆! =(
Cake-cutting time! See how sweaty Raeann is? Oh, i bought this cake, Mango Delight from Secret Receipe. Not bad leh, not too sweet, the taste is just nice! Bobo says it's not nice hor, but she eat alot leh! Now only left one slice inside the fridge nia...

Oh, you know hor that day, there's a 大伯公 around. Erm... No, should be 大伯母!

Want to see her pic?


She hor, keep grumbling & eating all the way when i'm so busy BBQ-ing lor. She complained the fire is so hot, blah & blah. How she miss her slave friends who BBQ for her to eat. Walk here and there, eating & blocking my way. I stand for many hours to BBQ & my legs are so tired that night!
And when her friend reached, HAIZ. I feel that her friend is so ke lian. She 再三的 remind us that he's not her bf! AIYA, we see also know lor. She's so 'chia', who want to get torture by her? I so pity her friends, especially the guys. =(

One last corny pic! Hahaha


She always kiss me like that now. Must mouth-to-mouth one hor. Otherwise, not counted!

I told her i don't want her anymore, ask her go find her papa. She says, 'NO'! I ignored her & she will say 'PLEASE MUMMY' then come and kiss me! After kissing, she'll say, 'I LOVE MUMMY'. How sweet is that? How would i ever bear to abandon her & 安心 to leave her under her dad's care? I doubt i'll ever do that lor. They will have to wait long long if they insisted to fight for her custody. Yes, she might be happier when she goes over to CCK but it's cos there are kids to play with her. But all in a round, i guess she needs me the most!

Minghui says i discipline her very well. HAHAHAHA Paiseh man. He said cos his friend's daughter always sleep very late & is extremely noisy one. Raeann sleeps at/before 10pm every night, regardless is school holiday or PH. She has a 早睡早起 habit & i think it's very important!

Feel really happy when people agrees with my ways of teaching Raeann. It's like a strength of encouragement & support. =)

Friday, September 11, 2009

A good week!

Oh yeah! This week is a rather fulfilling week for me! =)

First of all, my little princess is 2 tomorrow. I'm so happy! I survived through these 24 months! YEAH!

Happy Birthday 小宝贝!

I'm thinking where to go for dinner tomorrow. Any suggestions?

Secondly, i found my crush! Woooohoooo!

When i was in Sec one, i had a crush on my St. John senior (Yes, my CCA was St. John then.) whom was 2 years older than me. Hahaha

As far as i can remember, it was an one-sided love. LOL! Cos he doesn't know, nobody knows too! I'm a shy girl ok! He was attached then.

Back then, YHSS was still a 2 sessions school. So he was in the morning session & me in the afternoon one.

Guess what? I went to school as early as 9am everyday just to see him during their recess time (I forget what time already)! I just feel contented to see him from far. Hahahahahaha

Sounds stupid, crazy & ridiculous? But damn funny when i think of it.

This person suddenly came to my mind yesterday & i asked another senior about him. And TA-DAH!

I found his FB! And my kind senior called & asked him to call me! WHAHAHAHHAHAHAH Surprisingly, he can still remember me wor. =)

Maybe i'm too popular in school lah (which is not a good thing). Hahahaha

He smsed me. And we chatted through sms for a short while yesterday.

This feeling is great! Not becos i still likes him. But cos i found a long-lost friend.

I begin to love FB! LOL! I found alot of friends through there, even more than friendster!

I guess, by now, all should have a FB account right? =)

Thirdly, it's TGIF today!

What should i do? Party again? KTV again? Movie?

No-No! This weekend is mainly for my 小宝贝 only.

Yesterday i bring her to shopping alone! And i bought 2 lanterns, one for her & one for Ethan. And she knows! She said, pink is Raeann's one & blue is korkor's one.

Her sense of direction is damn good i think... There's JP 1 and 2 after extention cos it's quite big! Raeann loves to sit the car ride at JP 2, just beside Citi Bella.

Yesterday, we were at JP 1, John Little to buy wet tissue & stuffs. She told me she wants to sit car car. So i gave her $1 coin at John Little. I told her that she cannot drop the coin & asked her to bring me to the car car there cos i don't know where issit! (Bluff her of cos!) She grabbed the coin & held the John Little's loots in one hand (KPO lor, want to help me take!) & held my hand on her another hand. And she lead me ALL THE WAY to JP 2 until the car car there. When we were about to reach, she let go of my hand & she ran to the car there. She was giggling while running man! She's happy cos she found it!

Really thumbs up for her! I think she'll be a pro driver in future! Haha

She putted in the $1 coin & after the ride, she said 'bye bye' to the car & we went home! I told her i'll bring her there again next time. She did not struggle or make any noise. I'm so glad! =)

Forthly, i've found 2 colors from O.P.I that i liked!

Glamour Game / Blushingham Palace

I'm still thinking whether to buy or not. XS wants to purchase a few too. Is this 2 colors nice? Should i buy?

Oh, a reader emailed me regarding this cos she said she was banned from my shoutbox (which i don't know why). I never ban her leh. Shoutbox sot sot liao.

Anyway, i bought the O.P.I from ebay & it's going at $10.90 per bottle if you purchase 2 bottles. Otherwise, it's at $12.00! I think it's the cheapest i've found in ebay liao. And the seller is fast and reliable too!!

I'm going to pray my ah ma liao!

Have a nice weekend, people! (",)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

O.P.I Nail Polish

Omfg, i just got a shock when i saw my credit card bill. Hahaha

Next month one will be even worse. I must be mentally prepared. Sigh

I bought my first 2 bottles of O.P.I nail polish online last week. I received it yesterday! And, i think it's no regret!

Russian Navy / Kreme De La Kremlin

I heart Russian Navy to the core. *loves*

O.P.I have wide variety of colors. And their quality is really good. I think i'm gonna get more of it. Ok, i've finally found a cheaper hobby. LOL!

Wah lau. It's raining chicken & duck this morning again. Shit lor. I got myself very wet while sending Raeann to my aunt's place. I used the whole umbrella to cover the whole Raeann cos i don't want her to get wet at all. And thus, i got wet myself lor. This is called motherly love. Hahaha

Ok, i'm going to search for nice restaurant, nice nail color, nice clothings & nice stuffs online now. Blog again when i've found good deal! :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Heh heh heh. I changed my blog color again!

I did not change the blog skin cos i'm very satisfied with the current one. Just that the color must change once in awhile otherwise dam sian! This blog skin is the one and only one i created myself. Of cos must use lah! I'm so in ♥ with my new blog color!

I'm SO thankful to Nuffnang cos they gave me 5 stars rating for my blog. And so, i get ads often from advertisers. Keep it up! I'll be very hardworking to blog, blog & blog. I'm desperately earning $ lah. LOL!

Anyway, did a FANS check on my FB earlier. These are my stalkers. Hahaha

I'm so surprised someone is not in the list! =P

XS is my no. 1 supporter! Hahaha Of cos lah. Our status is married to each other on FB!

Wonder why that crazy Jaycob keep viewing my profile for what? 神经病.

I think i should STOP visiting other's page else they will term me as "stalker" too! LOL!

I'm already one of Jamie & Eunice's stalker. Haha

Anyway, today's 090909. A good day to remember. Also marks the 111 days we have seperated. Ha! I just counted the days and realise the number is so nice!

111 days = About 1/3 of the year.

I'm very happy & still counting...

It's a great achievement for me! Cos i was never single for such a long time! Hahaha


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Raeann's 2nd pre-birthday celebration

My parents brought Raeann out so i can take this time to blog a little now.

As next week is a school holiday for Raeann, her birthday party was held on yesterday.

I ordered the cake from ecreative, as usual, cos it was the most convenient way i can find already. Those that i found online have to be ordered few months back which i had already miss the date! So, no choice lor. I was too late cos i cannot decide which cartoon character to choose. But ecreative never disappoint me at all! Thus, i think it's a good deal. Except that the cake box was too huge! It cannot enter my fridge at all. I've to take out everything & put it back the next day as i requested them to deliver one day earlier.


This is the cake i ordered. As true as pic! Not bad! Only $84.00! :)


My boss is damn happy lah!


So are the kids...



Oh, Raeann's dad attended it too. Cos it's Raeann's birthday, i just her to be happy.
But i'm not happy lor. Cos despite me doing so much for her, she still prefers her dad more. Cos her dad gave her whatever she wants while i'm the one always disciplining her. So, no matter how much things i gave up for her, she will choose the one who never scold her & give her everything she wants. XS told me kids are like that.
Her dad bought her all the toys under the world & my house is FULL of toys already, many un-opened lor. Even if open, it's left there un-touched. Raeann don't play with the toys at all cos there's no one to snatch with her. Kids are like that what. If nobody touch, they don't touch too. If someone take it, they will snatch!
My dad is already nagging over the toys cos the house is so messy & packed now. I told ZY million of times not to buy any more toys for her cos it's a waste of money. Might as well he save the $ into Raeann's bank account right? He don't listen, i don't know why. So, this time round, my mum is going to call & tell him. I hope he will understand my mum's language since he don't understand mine!
Well, a friend asked me yesterday... "Why not you give up your daughter's custody & lead your new life?"
Honestly speaking, at times when Raeann behave like siao; keep screaming when she comes back from CCK, i did think of giving her up. Cos when i insist not to let him bring her back, my mum & aunt will keep helping him & persuading me to let him bring back. I feel so disappointed that they don't understand why i don't allow. I've a good and valid reason for doing so & not becos i'm unreasonable & i want to stop them from seeing each other. NO. I'm not such a person. I will be even happier if there's someone to look after her for me. And i can have all my freedom & do the things that i want to do. There are so much things that i wanted to do but i've got no time for it. ie, property course.
I'm doing him a great favor by taking good care of his daughter lor. And so he can enjoy or as what he claimed, work during wee hours & sleep till afternoon. Of cos i'm not a fool to believe he's working lah. But i don't bother anyway, it's non of my business.
But the things i do, did anyone appreciate? NO. Even Raeann herself don't appreciate. I'm depressed.
I really wish to find a solution to it. Should i just give everything up? And lead a new life? Sigh
Raeann went back to CCK yesterday cos she kept sticking to her dad. Her dad said want to bring her out 'gai-gai' mah. I know if i refuse to let her go & bring her back by force, she will cry her lungs out. I don't want to force her lah. If she's happy being with her dad, then let her be. I'm tired anyway. Nobody helps me. Nobody understand me. Nobody support me. I'm always alone to fight. It's so frustrating.
And since she go back to CCK, means i can go out & let my hair down! It was crazy yesterday!!! But damn fun! It helps to ease my frustration temporary.
I meet up with XS, Justin & Alvin for KTV @ Kbox Cineleisure at about 9pm. We sang till 12.30pm. I'm so happy that i finally get to sing that 2 songs!
海鸣威 - 你的承诺 (Fucking meaningful song, i've been repeating it for the whole of yesterday!)
方力申 & 邓丽欣 - 好心好报 (The first song playing on my blog earlier! I'm learning!!)
These 2 songs kept running in my mind... even now!
Aftermath, we continue the "young night" @ our usual hangout! Hehehe

The pretty ladies... :)




She's drunk already! Haha So am i...


Pretty Eunice & Jamie.



OMG! This guy is fucking cute! =x


His name is Panty Pant. Haha


See? Even Justin cannot resist him, want to take pic with him! LOL


Ah gay. Wasted. We feel that he's very handsome lor. Even Justin says so. Ignore my cock face.


He's interested in Justin! Opps. =x

We took so much pictures yesterday! But now then i realise i didn't take with Eunice & Jamie alone. Opps! Nvm, there will still 'next time'. LOL! See you girls next month! I decided to go once a month only. I'll be very very poor if i go every week! I spent about $200 - $400 each visit. SIONG man.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sleepy now...

So sleepy after lunch. Had late lunch cos it was raining hippo & zebra earlier & i can't think of any ways to walk to my car without getting drench even with an umbrella. It was super duper heavy lor.

Blogger is really sot sot liao. One moment ok, another moment sot again.

Ok, continue about Miss Ho now.

This little terror is getting very very mischievious & kpo. She poke into almost everybody's business. Sounds familiar? Hahaha. Like father, like daughter i can say.

Everyday she will discipline our dog, Bubble. She will scold her SHUT UP when it bark. And she will nag at Bubble if it shit or urine on the floor. She's like a little 管家婆. Poor Bubble! Haha

I'm so glad someone actually share my view in disciplining kids. We believe kids have to be discipline from young. Thank you. :)

Hate it when people tell me 'she's still young lah' all these kind of nonsenses. She's forever young in my eyes cos she's my daughter. So must wait till when then can start disciplining her? I have to teach her what is right and wrong. Heard before, 慈母多败儿? YEAH. I don't want to be a kind mother & ruin my child away.

I believe everyone has their way of loving their kid. I scold & beat Raeann doesn't mean i don't love her. I love her & that's why i don't want to spoil her. Spoilt her doesn't mean love her. But it's harming her instead. This is my own opinion. You don't have to agree with me. :)

My eyelids are very heavy now. YAWNZ!

*Bye Hokkien mee, see you next month! Hehe

Crazy blogger!

I don't know why everytime when i wanna blog, blogger cock up!

Plenty of updates running in my mind now. But i cannot add pictures, i'm only blogging in a small preview window. What's wrong?? It's really frustrating. =(


My girl is growing up. She can remember and recognise all her classmates' names. It's not so easy for a barely 2 years old kid to remember fifteen names & i'm really proud of her. I'll be holding her mini birthday party this coming Friday, 4th September as next week is a school holiday. I hope she and all the kids will enjoy! =)

And most probably next weekend, i'll hold a mini BBQ at my place. Cos i'm yearning for BBQ food! So is my Missy Shan. Haha! Just a family gathering! Only XS is invited cos she's part of my family! LOL!


I spent almost all my salary last month - on clubs. =( Although it's fun & makes me very happy but i'm so poor now lor. Sian. That place is really addictive man! LOL! OK, i'm trying to cut down & control myself now. The money is not worth spending at all! I could have shop & buy alot with that amount of money! WAKE UP!!!

I'm really dam fed up with this small preview window cos i can hardly see what i'm typing. Argh! I'll be back when blogger recovers!