Monday, September 21, 2009

Blood Ties (2009)

Before we entered the cinema, Weilun told me something... And i just couldn't stop laughing!

He said he went to read reviews on Yahoo! about this movie - Blood Ties (2009) and one of the review was :

What's good about the show : Nothing
What's bad about the show : Everything

Whahhahahahhaha! He was wondering why i would want to watch such a movie?

And well, IT'S TRUE!

I only find pervert & grusome scenes inside. I don't find it scary at all & the story line sucks. I'm so disappointed in Singapore production. =(

I'm surprise to read at how awesome people comments about it. Issit so? Watch it & you know!

But but... Don't regret lah!

I've not watch a movie for a super long time. And WTF, i don't know why the hell i choose this. I must have been fooled by the good ratings people gave in GV website. Argh!

I thought it will be some horror movie. But, no leh. Why they make it look as though it's a horror show? Sigh


It shall be deemed as the worst show i've watched in 2009!

Waste time & $!

You know, i'm bored till i peeled off my nail polish during the show! Hahahahaha

Anyway, it's nice meeting up with old friend. =)

Waking up at 7+am later so i'm off to bed now. Good night all.

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