Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Crazy blogger!

I don't know why everytime when i wanna blog, blogger cock up!

Plenty of updates running in my mind now. But i cannot add pictures, i'm only blogging in a small preview window. What's wrong?? It's really frustrating. =(


My girl is growing up. She can remember and recognise all her classmates' names. It's not so easy for a barely 2 years old kid to remember fifteen names & i'm really proud of her. I'll be holding her mini birthday party this coming Friday, 4th September as next week is a school holiday. I hope she and all the kids will enjoy! =)

And most probably next weekend, i'll hold a mini BBQ at my place. Cos i'm yearning for BBQ food! So is my Missy Shan. Haha! Just a family gathering! Only XS is invited cos she's part of my family! LOL!


I spent almost all my salary last month - on clubs. =( Although it's fun & makes me very happy but i'm so poor now lor. Sian. That place is really addictive man! LOL! OK, i'm trying to cut down & control myself now. The money is not worth spending at all! I could have shop & buy alot with that amount of money! WAKE UP!!!

I'm really dam fed up with this small preview window cos i can hardly see what i'm typing. Argh! I'll be back when blogger recovers!

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