Monday, September 21, 2009

Fatty Bom Bom


I just had a hard time squeezing into my 25" Levis jeans. Sad lo... =(

I need to diet, really. But i've got no idea how to do so?

The more i exercise, the more i eat.

I can't fast cos my tummy will be making alot of noise.

And whenever i eat too full (which is like everytime), i feel so sleepy.

I thought a pig possessed me during the 7th month. But 7th month is already over, why am still like that?


Anyway, i'm going to bring Raeann to Safra Kidz Amaze to play later. This time round, i'll play with her! I hope i can squeeze into those holes & gaps. Ha!

Long weekend is coming to an end just like that?

Raeann is so funny. I bought her a small toy gun ($2.25 only, so cheap!) yesterday at market. She has been holding the gun everywhere she goes since yesterday. And just now, she 'shooted' me, Bobo & Mary & we forged death. Somehow, we were guessing who will she 'save' first!

Guess who?!


She said, 'Raeann die'. And she make the death sound/pose with her tongue sticking out. Super funny!

All of us kept laughing...

This terror ah... She can make me very angry but she also can make me very happy!

And she's dam smart now. If she knows that i'm angry with her, before i scold her, she'll apologise to me first. She will say, 'Mummy SORRY' then touch my face & say 'Sayang'.

Sigh. I salute to her man. How to get angry with sucha darling?

Going to prepare her now. =)

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