Saturday, September 19, 2009

I love spammer!

Wow... Wow... Wow...

I so love spammer in my blog. You know?

Cos the more comments you spammer made, the more ads i'll get from Nuffnang! Keep it up, jo! =)

Love me or hate me, it's just a thin line in between.

I don't expect everyone in the world to love me cos i don't love everybody as well.

Whether i'm a good mum or not, only Raeann knows. If both of us don't get Raeann's custody then who will get? You? Raeann came out from your CB? You must be one who cannot give birth that's why you're jealous of people with kids. All this are fated lah. Do more good deeds instead of coming people's blog to bark & maybe god will grant you a kid.

I party cos i've the $ to party, what can you do to me?

And which law says that being a mother cannot party? I don't throw Raeann aside & party everyday. I did my duty. Do you mean i must report to you everyday how i look after Raeann? Sending & picking her up everyday. Waking up at 7am everyday even though i went party the day before. Bringing her out for dinner or shopping alone after a day of tiring work. Hug her to sleep every night. Teaching her what is right & wrong.

It's not as easy as it seems.

I can't move out cos my parents love me so much, you know? And my house has got ample rooms to let me stay in. Just too bad i stay in a SEMI-D lah. And what can you do to me?

And hor, not everyone got the talent & ability to edit pics. If you're simply ugly, no matter how much you edit, you will still be UGLY.

I'm born with pretty looks, what can you do to me?

I bet you are UGLY, you know why?

Your heart is UGLY.

Pretty people don't go around people's blog & give nasty comments. They have much better things to do. Not like you. Nobody date you. No kid to accompany you. No friends want to go out with you. I feel so sad for you.

How you know i'm getting both bags? I got $ leh. What can you do to me?

I tell you one secret, i spent 16K on shares. These 2 bags are nothing to me at all. You're critising all ladies who bought these 2 designs - Matching ugliness.

Com'on lor! Don't be jealous of someone's good fortune & make imbecile comments.



Get a life, my dear!

I'm so happy last night & YOU got no ability to affect me at all.


Thank you for reading my humble blog, will reply to you shortly.