Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jog the hell outta me!

Yesterday hor, i went jogging leh!!

At the J.W stadium opposite my house. And then hor, i almost died there lor.


But at least i jogged 3 rounds. That's 1.2km liao! LOL! Totally exhausted!

Raeann jogged 2 rounds and she wants me to 'bao bao' her liao. She looks so funny when she jog! Very cute! Everyone was looking at her. She was so slow and i've to wait for her. AIYO. And this morning i asked if she wants to go jogging again tonight, her reply was '不要'. Hahaha VERY LAZY!

I think i'm really getting old liao. Or should i say, getting lazier?

During sec sch days, i can run my 2.4km in 11 mins. Now leh? 1.2km only, want to die already. Why huh? Issit due to smoking?

Weilun said i should exercise more. But but but... I WILL ALSO EAT MORE LEH! Like that can slim down meh? Exercise doesn't seems a good choice for me lor.

Now whole body aches. =(

This Raeann ah, i really cannot stand her. Yesterday i lie on her pillow (Used to be mine lor! Those support pillow type!), she said, 'Mummy EXCUSE' and she push my head away. -________-"

She speaks in multiple language; chinese, english & hokkien.

Tomorrow i'll need to stay home & look after her cos ah khim is busy.


Terrorist always eat by herself now, with chopsticks! Everytime when eating outside, there will sure be people looking at her, crowd around our table & ask me why she knows how to use chopstick! Don't ask me why, cos i don't know either. I never teach her, i not so 厉害. She just learnt it herself! And she knows it when she was about 1 yr old? Think so. Can't remember.

Meeting XS for lunch later! Darling girl bought me a nail polish remover pump. Thank you girl! =)

I think my life is quite blessed already. I've one super good friend/sister, one ultimate mother, 3 lovely siblings who loves Raeann so much & one naughty 小宝贝. I don't ask for much anymore. Only wish is for them to be healthy & happy always, that's all i'm asking for. God, do you hear me?

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