Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mad about O.P.I!

We're totally mad about O.P.I now.

We = XS & me.

Ha! That day after lunch, she came to my office & we applied nail polish. =P

The colors are superb! Si bei chio.

Then yesterday, i was at home to look after Raeann. When Raeann was sleeping, i was too bored cos i forgot to bring my laptop back, i decided to put another layer at the tip to make it 'french'.

Oh well, i failed, as usual.

And i don't have the color to re-apply on that one particular finger. No choice. I removed everything & applied Russian Navy.

Now, i regretted. Cos i think the previous color looks nicer on my fingers. Haiz

But i'm real lazy to get the nail polish from XS & re-do it again! Oh my!

I think next week then do ba. Meantime, i should just ignore it...

But, there's a top coat which is really good. It dries up the nail in 60 secs! And i mean, really dry. It makes applying nail polish easier for impatient people like me! =)

XS also think it's damn good!

I'm going to buy a few more bottles to stock up at home. Hope it won't dry up!

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