Thursday, September 10, 2009

O.P.I Nail Polish

Omfg, i just got a shock when i saw my credit card bill. Hahaha

Next month one will be even worse. I must be mentally prepared. Sigh

I bought my first 2 bottles of O.P.I nail polish online last week. I received it yesterday! And, i think it's no regret!

Russian Navy / Kreme De La Kremlin

I heart Russian Navy to the core. *loves*

O.P.I have wide variety of colors. And their quality is really good. I think i'm gonna get more of it. Ok, i've finally found a cheaper hobby. LOL!

Wah lau. It's raining chicken & duck this morning again. Shit lor. I got myself very wet while sending Raeann to my aunt's place. I used the whole umbrella to cover the whole Raeann cos i don't want her to get wet at all. And thus, i got wet myself lor. This is called motherly love. Hahaha

Ok, i'm going to search for nice restaurant, nice nail color, nice clothings & nice stuffs online now. Blog again when i've found good deal! :)

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