Friday, September 18, 2009

Rain Rain, GO AWAY!

Why is the weather so weird recently? And it always purposely rain very very heavily during lunch hour? Very sian lor. How am i going to buy lunch again? Haiz. Hate to get wet lor. Haiz.

Long weekend this week. Any plans?

XS going to Genting (again) with her ILS. I hope she can enjoy herself & get along with her MIL there.

As for me, no plans yet. SG is damn boring & i honestly don't know what to do?

Mahjong - No mood & $.
Party - No $.
At home - Sian.
Shopping - No $.

ARGH! Let me die lah.

Now on a MIL topic on FB! Everyone is so agitated & kan si lang dulan. LOL! I think all MIL are the same? Si bei kpo, bias & talk alot? And only know how to use their mouth to talk? I'm filled with anger when i talk about my MIL.

I hate her - this is something that will never change for my entire life! Even till the day she lie inside the coffin...

Yes, i hate her. But i'll never do anything to harm her or anyone. As what i always think, 人在做,天在看. There's no need for me to do anything at all cos i know god will punish her one day. It's just sooner or later! Just wait & see bah!

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