Monday, September 28, 2009

Secret disclosed!

I finished up 1 book out of 7 books of voucher today. My right hand is breaking. =(

Anyway, my first ex bf & i keep in contact recently. First ex bf = first love wor. HAHA!

We sorted out our misunderstanding! LOL!

You know, all along i thought he was the one who broke my heart during that particular year, 1997? (12 years ago! OMG) I forgot.

But then hor, he told me, is my mummy who called him & tell him that i'm still very young & i need to study first then he started to keep a distance from me!

Sigh. Made me so upset that time wor...

But, during these 12 years, we did meet a few times unexpectedly. Very paiseh of cos. But i cannot remember anything anymore. I choose to forget! He was the one who reminded me of every single thing now. How come he can still remember ah? His memory so good meh?

He just sent me a msg on FB! Sending me this song; our song!

It's playing on my blog now!

His msg with it was : Good Old Days.

YES. Good old days. Although i'm still trying very hard to recall... the past!

Good memories are meant to be kept. I die die must recall everything & keep it in my heart forever. =)

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