Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shopping makes me alive!

Hush Puppies & Levis Warehouse Sales!

Location : Bukit Batok St 23. Behind Shatec.

Opening Hours : Close @ 7pm.

Until 4th Oct 2009!

Ok, i think it's better to post here. Cos since yesterday i posted the shoutout on FB, my phone has been ringing... Until NO BATT! Battery totally flat!

I dropped by during lunch yesterday, it's just 5 mins walk from my office. But becos my brother was going out & office got no people, i meant to go & take a look only.

But end up leh, i chop chop shop for around 7 mins & i spent $50.00 liao. Haiz...

One Levis tank top ($14.00) & short ($14.00) for myself.

One Hush Puppies polo tee ($10.00) & mini skirt ($12.00) for Raeann.

I think i'm damn PRO lah. Later i'm going again, hehehe.

Cos many people call and ask me to check if there's men shoes, what's the opening hours & etc.

Later i'll go & have a good look & then inform all of you ok?

The polo tee look damn cute on Raeann. There are various colors. I'm thinking whether to get all the colors or not? U.P is $26.90 but now is only $10.00!!

I shall see if there's Ashlyn's size or not! I think it will look damn cute on her too!

Yesterday i tried the clothes on Raeann. She proudly go show off to my bro & JJ. She said, 'Ah Gu, NEW!', pointing on her clothes. Haha!

Ok, i go do my work now. So that later i can go shopping! Hahahaha

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