Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sleepy now...

So sleepy after lunch. Had late lunch cos it was raining hippo & zebra earlier & i can't think of any ways to walk to my car without getting drench even with an umbrella. It was super duper heavy lor.

Blogger is really sot sot liao. One moment ok, another moment sot again.

Ok, continue about Miss Ho now.

This little terror is getting very very mischievious & kpo. She poke into almost everybody's business. Sounds familiar? Hahaha. Like father, like daughter i can say.

Everyday she will discipline our dog, Bubble. She will scold her SHUT UP when it bark. And she will nag at Bubble if it shit or urine on the floor. She's like a little 管家婆. Poor Bubble! Haha

I'm so glad someone actually share my view in disciplining kids. We believe kids have to be discipline from young. Thank you. :)

Hate it when people tell me 'she's still young lah' all these kind of nonsenses. She's forever young in my eyes cos she's my daughter. So must wait till when then can start disciplining her? I have to teach her what is right and wrong. Heard before, 慈母多败儿? YEAH. I don't want to be a kind mother & ruin my child away.

I believe everyone has their way of loving their kid. I scold & beat Raeann doesn't mean i don't love her. I love her & that's why i don't want to spoil her. Spoilt her doesn't mean love her. But it's harming her instead. This is my own opinion. You don't have to agree with me. :)

My eyelids are very heavy now. YAWNZ!

*Bye Hokkien mee, see you next month! Hehe

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