Friday, September 18, 2009


Counting down 2 hours to see my 宝贝.

Counting down 7 hours to see my darling.

Counting down 8 hours to see my baby.

Counting down 9 hours & we can bid 'sayonara' to all the 'ghost'. Bye ah ma!

Counting down 187 days & i can finally get rid of that cb.

He called and provoke me earlier, again. He wanted to bring Raeann home. But his attitude was damn fucked up, as if i owe him alot of $ like that.

ZY : Later i bring ah girl home.

ME : No.

ZY : Why cannot? U very unreasonable leh.

ME : You should have call earlier. Now is so last min & i've already planned all my things. So, NO.

ZY : *shouting* U purposely want to find quarrel issit?

ME : I say NO means NO.

ZY : *shouting* but i forgot what shit he said.

And he hung up...

If he's going to ask for a request, he better talk nicely & ask me 1-2 days earlier. He so last min, expect people to keep changing plans becos of him!


Last time like that, after so long, still like that. Always expect people to understand him whereas he's never considerate for people.

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