Friday, October 30, 2009


I know i'm too slow. Everyone has been crazy over Mc'Donald's monopoly game for quite some time already. I just started yesterday. =x

And this is what i get!


I seriously don't know how to take nice pic with iPhone man! No matter how i change my angle, the pic still sucks!

Heh, by right is only 8 stickers for one EVM upsized. The extra "Ardmore Park" is my bro's one. I've no idea how it get into my room. I think is Raeann take and play!

Nevertheless, i won 2 "instant win" prizes; small fries & iced latte!

I shall have Mc'Donald for lunch or dinner later! =P

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tio cheated!

Yesterday after work, i brought Raeann to the pasam malam @ my house there.

I bought the mirror screen protector @ $12.00! I'm stupid, i know.

But cos the online seller refused to reply me & i'm just so impatient waiting for it so i just buy it without any hesistation. But i regretted after that! Sigh.

I tried to console myself that it's ok cos i don't know how to stick it. I'm a dam fussy person & i know if i were to do it myself, i will use more than one piece. So, might as well lah!

Then i went to another stall, i bought one hard casing @ $7.00! I thought it's cheap already, but who knows. Haiz!


The case is so damn bloody tight till i don't dare to clip onto my phone sia. So, i just dump it aside now. :( Waste $ again!

I called Molly & she told me she bought a leather pouch @ Chinatown for $25.00! We both tio chop until chui chui. =x

Then later at night, i Ping! to JJ, she said my bro got lobang selling mirror screen protector @ only $5.00! And leather pouch @ only $10.90! -________-"

So, i asked them to help me buy a leather pouch & 2 screen protectors for Molly. I decided not to buy the Eternity collection cos i'm scare of the clip-on lah. I think it will scratch my phone lor!


The above pics are taken with my N82. See the difference???

Sigh. I'm really disappointed by the camera of iPhone. It sucks!


See the stupid quality produce by iPhone???!! I honestly hope that they can improve on this.

Fortunately, i'm able to install 3rd party software to beautify my pictures. But, it's still not up to my expectation!


Pouting Raeann after getting scolding from me. Hahah Oh, her horrible hairstyle is cutted by hairstylist Bobo. Hahahahaha

I tried out the MMS yesterday. I sent Molly one pic & i asked her to send me one too. She sent me this!


Cutie Ashlyn. :) :) :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thanks Joice!


Thanks Joice for introducing me to this website which sell chio earpiece! :)

Only $12!! What a steal!

It's a spree though. Have to wait 1.5 - 2 weeks for it! I can't wait to see & use it!

Molly & I shared the same taste! We choosen this design. But i'm thinking to get the white instead since she's getting the pink one. Else, sure get mixed up! Cos we're now using the same phone & same color. We'll be buying the same casing as well. So, high chances of bringing the wrong phone back home! Hahahaha

P/S (4:51pm) : YES! YES! I just had my MMS unlocked! I think i'll become pro soon. Cos of the advices from everyone. LOL!

Scary Monster!

Raeann fought in school yesterday. -_________________-"

With a new boy classmate!

And hor, that boy was beaten till quite jialat by her. duhz...

Haiz, don't understand why is she so violent?

I don't know how to teach her leh, really.

They asked me not to cane her & i've not caned her for a very long time already. And now, this kind of behaviour? Hit people when not happy...

She tried to explain to me last night on why the fight started.

Raeann : Cedrick 打我!

Me : Then?

Raeann : 老师打 Cedrick. (Demo-ing how the teacher hit his hand.)

Me : 为什么 Cedrick 打你? 你打他啊?

Raeann : NO!

Then she repeat and repeat what she said, over & over again...

I was told that the boy's face was scratched! AIYO

But i still don't know why the fight started.

No matter what, Raeann cannot be so violent lor. She's a girl leh! Wah lau.

Sigh. Really don't know what to do man. Strict let people say, lenient abit also let people say. STRESS ah!

I said alot of times before. If u people want to spoil her, be prepared of how nasty she will turn lor.

Don't ever blame me for not teaching her. Cos i dare to say i've done my best!

She's taking her graduation photo today! Haha

I hope it turns out well. :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chio Accessories~

For Sale

Bobo asked me to sell off her Baby-G limited edition for her in my blog. My mum bought it for her but her fatty hand is not suitable for it (Will make her wrist look fatter)! But she still did not tell me the price yet?



*Price : SGD $220.00
* Authentic
* Brand new with tag.
* Receipt will be given.

Interested buyer, please email me @!



I'm slowly getting used to this phone. Cos i can't sell it, so i tempt Molly to buy it. HAHAHAHA
She's so tempted now! I added in alot of nice ringtones & i told her i can bluetooth to her if she's using iPhone as well. LOL! Don't know why they only create bluetooth from iPhone - iPhone. So stupid man!

I got no money to buy N97 mini now. Wait till i get my bonus (not sure whether this year have anot?), i'll buy it! It's ok to have many many phones at home. LOL! Spare mah. Came to remember, i still got one brand new imitation Vertu lor, i forget where i place it! Issit at home? Or office? Hahahahaha

My friends gave me so many websites for iPhone accessories. They are so damn chio sia!


My favourite of all! Eternity Collection @ USD 29.90! I want to buy this!



And of cos, not forgetting the mirror screen protector!Photobucket

Molly told me that this can protect privacy cos others can't see what you're typing. LOL! It's good & @ only $6.00. Freaking cheap!

I'm also looking for chio ear piece in white color that comes with 'bling bling'. Anyone got any online shop to recommend?? CHEAP one will do. Don't suggest me to use bluetooth. I got alot of bluetooth but i don't know how to use. I don't like it as well. Cos it's troublesome, need to charge. Sian!

Monday, October 26, 2009

24th Oct 09 - KK's 24th Birthday

My N82 had died on me. :(

Cannot dial, cannot hear, batt gone by 1 call even though charged overnight, what else?

But after some knocking & banging, it recovered. HAHAHA

However, it will ki siao anytime.

I love this phone so much. I love the camera, functions, simply everything. Sigh.

I'm thinking to buy back a brand new N82 or not. Should i? I can't seem to see anywhere selling liao. LOL!

I got no choice but to take out my iPhone to use yesterday. Then hor, i merely made one call & the price depreciates by $200.00. Wah kao. Very expensive call to Molly lor!

Cos a brand new i can sell to hp shop @ $900.00 & 2nd hand @ $700.00. And by making one stupid call, it's consider 2nd hand liao. Sigh.

Now i gotta top up for a N97. -___________-"

My friend keep asking me to wait for N97 mini, it's launching in Dec. Not that i don't want to wait, but my N82 can't wait!

JJ came over and helped me to configure my iPhone yesterday. Thanks girl!

It seems so simple for her but i really had a hard time figuring it out. Then hor, yesterday night, i see my imported contacts are in a big mess. I cannot stand it but i'm lazy to delete it one by one. 400+ contacts leh. Siao bo!

So hor, i go reset & erase all my settings. And ...


Everything's gone! Woooooohooooo.

Yes, everything, including all those default settings. Hahahaha

When i on it, it only allow me to make emergency calls. LOL!!

Luckily Bryan told me that iTunes got backup for it. And i restored everything this morning already. LOL!

That's technology...

But i'm not a technological person, u see! I want a phone that's easy to sms, good camera & with bluetooth! But this iPhone has nothing i want at all. :(

P/S : I finally learnt how to set free ringtone to my iPhone now. Phewz! Thanks to Haisheng's help. :)

I think i should learn how to play game, then i will love iPhone.

Meanwhile, i'm still trying to get use to it & i'm still hating it for sure. Hahaha

Should i get a LV case for my iPhone ma?


KK's 24th Birthday

JJ planned a surprise party for my bro on Saturday with his friends at my house for BBQ (yet again)!

I lost count of how many BBQs i had within these 2 months already, quite scary.

The theme was 'Happy Halloween'. It's one week earlier though.

I never celebrate Halloween before, i wonder how it's like? Molly, want to celebrate on Friday? hehehe

I, again, eat till want to puke. :(


But it was fun!!! :)

Molly came to eat too. She jio-ed me to club after that but i was too tired.

End up, she went Nana with her hb & his friends. She's a truely authentic chiongster. I'm old liao, cannot catch up with her. Hahaha

But if i'm taking 10K salary every month, most probably i'll be more scary than her. It's still the money afterall. :(

Ok, peektures time. 4 pics only lah! No mood to take pics that day.


Raeann & her friends.


Why she look so grumpy when taking pic nowadays?


I like this! So cute!


And this too! :)

How Molly? Want to celebrate anot??


YAY!!!!!!!!! Counting down another 2 & a half more days.

Double YAY!!!!!!!! Counting down another 4 & a half more days.

Hahahaha i'm crazy, ignore me pls.

I'm just happy only...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good Luck!

Oh, btw...


加油!!! 加油!!! 加油!!!

iPhone great?

Wanted to blog about Raeann but i just have too much complaints about iPhone.

Nah, it's not even a phone that i've ever consider buying.

Cos i used my line to upgrade one E75 for my mum. And my mum uses her line to upgrade one phone for my dad & i uses my dad's line to get this stupid iPhone 3GS 16gb at only $49.00. It's as good as paying nothing lor, it's so cheap, that's why i stated it as FREE.

Actually, i've waited a long long time to change phone & my ideal phone was N97. But the stupid price just refuse to drop!!!!!!!! $488.00 with Premium 700 plan. SIAO!

I didn't know that iPhone can fetch such a high price without contract & it's my mum who told me so. She even know 8gb, 16gb or 32gb. I know nothing cos i'm not at all interested in this phone. Mai siao siao. My mummy's super upgrade now hor!

This fucking phone really freaks me out. No bluetooth, no mms, no flash, camera sucks, etc. How good can it be? These are all the neccessary funtions that i need & they have nothing. Somemore with their stupid touch screen, i send one sms for fucking 10 mins! Cos i keep pressing wrong buttons. CB!

I don't know what's going on with the craze out there cos so many people are actually 'loving' it & singing praises of it. -_-"

I'm selling it off & getting myself N97 with the money. But if there's no takers, i'll keep it for Raeann to watch cartoon & stick with my N82. Seriously, i still prefer my N82.

Say me orbit, stupid or whatever. But i doubt i will develop any liking for this nonsense phone. I don't surf net using phone at all. Screen so small + i've no time for it!

I just don't like it. Full stop.


Usually every night after work, me & Raeann will spent time lying on the bed after dinner & she will talk, talk & talk to me.

2 nights ago, she suddenly tell me... "I good girl leh!"

Me : No lah, Raeann so naughty.

Raeann : No! Raeann good girl.

Me : Then who naughty??

Raeann : Ash-ing mei mei.

Me : No... Ashlyn mei mei is good girl, Raeann is naughty girl.

Raeann : Raeann good girl, Ash-ing mei mei good girl.

Me : Ok ok, both good girl ok! Mummy sayang both!

Hahahaha She just want to tell me she's good girl & want me to hug her. LOL!

Then yesterday, i was doing hoola hoop for a good 30 mins. Raeann was writing with Mary. Mary suddenly make some funny noise...

Raeann : U CRAZY AH!

Mary : Hahahahahhahahhahahahah U then crazy ah!

Raeann : No! Aunty Mary crazy!


Now Raeann will follow every word we say lor. Thus, i must be extremely careful when i talk now. Hahaha

One thing very sweet of her is...

She says, "Good night Mummy, I love Mummy" to me every night before she sleep!


My heart always melt for that.

I love you too, Raeann.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Period cramp sux!

Home Affair

Bubble was being raped!!! By the stupid stray dog staying diagonally opposite our house, we called it Blackie.

My dad was so angry till he created a big scene last night. So paiseh! Luckily most all the neighbours are sleeping already!

This Bubble also cock eye. Want to fuck also choose a much better breed mah. Blackie is... DAMN UGLY lor!

Yesterday i was asking my siblings, "What if Bubble pregnant how? Can do abortion anot huh?". HAHAHA

I cannot imagine what kind of breed they will create, will be scary i guess! LOL!


For Sale

Oh btw, i'm selling this dress on behalf of a friend. It's brand new! Selling becos she bought 2 different colors of the same design.


Versace Inspired Chiffon Dress

Measurements : Size S (Pit to pit : 15 inches, Waist : 26 inches, Length : 33 inches)
Material : Chiffon with thick inner lining
Description : Inspired by Versace, Back Zip, Satin Pleated Waist Belt Trimming
Price : $28 (w/ normal postage)
Photo credit : Agneselle

Interested party, please email me @! Thanks!




I love this pic alot!

She was my best friend in secondary school! We used to stick together like superglue. Although for the past few years, we seldom contact & are not as close as before. But in my heart, i do cherish her as my friend alot! :)

Friends Forever, my dear Jamie.


Blog Revamping

People, i'm re-organising my blog! Those who wished to link up, please kindly tag your website on my tagboard within these 2 days. And those who locked their blog or change their blog address will be deleted from my list! Sorry!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Alcohol make me fat!

I'm sure of the reason why i put on so much weight lately, like a balloon being pumped with air!

It's ALCOHOL!!!!!!!!!!

I've done a survey & i'm sure those alcohol that i consumed play a big part to my exploding weight.


I must quit drinking for... at least one month. So that i can slim down & then drink to put on weight again. Then after that, i will quit again & try to slim down again. HAHAHA

I will try cos somehow i'm addicted to drinking now. I've never like to drink in the past. I mean, i was once a casual drinker only. But now, it become a weekly affair. SIGH!

Molly! Let's quit this expensive & fattening hobby together! We really need to find some other things to do!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Boring weekends~

Stayed home over the weekends. I just fed Raeann dinner & bathe her. Now she's watching TV beside me and i'm here blogging!

Friday evening was damn adventurous. My dad finally replaced a new water heater tank for us. But as a result, my toilet ceiling was torn & my bro's room was flooded. :(

He's so funny! He wanted to save that little amount of money & end up, make it troublesome for us & maybe need spend even more money. Cos, i need to repair my ceiling...

The ceiling look so horrible. Raeann's so scare of the ceiling till she don't dare to bathe inside. She told me, "Mummy, i scare!". Hahaha


Very disgusting right???


The water heater tank is so damn huge and heavy!!

I spent my entire Saturday rotting at home. So bored till i went to bed with Raeann at 9.30pm. Ridiculous! LOL!

And i think i put on 3kg within these few days. Cos i eat, laze & sleep only. Raeann is a big girl already, i needn't do as much as before now. The only thing that i need to do is, to spend time with her. :)

This morning, i woke up at 7am. Went to market with Raeann & my parents. The weather is so freaking HOT! I cannot stand it. So stuffy lor!

P/S: Raeann is taking money from my coin purse to 'dong' inside her piggy bank now! Her piggy bank is so heavy now lor!

Bobo did a makeover for Raeann this afternoon... She just sent the pic to me... It's so... I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY! Raeann look like 腊笔小新 lor!



Ok, i go accompany Raeann now.

Bye! :)

Friday, October 16, 2009


Guess what have i been doing for the whole morning?



All on Raeann's stuffs.

I want to buy shoes for her. But i saw so many designs & i'm lost! The maximum i'm getting is 2 pairs. Cos she will out-grow very fast, no point getting all the 4 pairs. But all are so cute leh!!! Which one should i order leh?

This pair comes in big size for the mum too. I asked Molly for opinion (whether i should buy one for myself too!) cos i feel it's quite cock if i wear this out! Haha She says i won't dare to wear...

YAH! She knows me well. I also think i don't dare to wear. LOL!


Difficult to match clothes anot??



These 2 pairs look similar. But both are cute!

How ah?? Oh btw, this web is recommended by Mummy Kimberly! Thanks babe!

More to come for my cutie pie! =)


Met up with Molly, Hamster & Liz for dinner last night. Liz was very amazed by Raeann's smartness. I told her, "She's smart cos she's dam KPO". Haha It's true! Cos she's curious for everything around her. But of cos, 80% credits goes to her school!

Wanna know how kpo Raeann is?

Example 1 : I was in mummy's room (2nd & half storey) yesterday. She was downstairs. My room is at 2nd storey. Molly called me, she heard. She immediately went up to my room & bring my hp to me! She told me, "Mummy, your phone!"

Example 2 : She put my hp to charge everynight!

Example 3 : She wants to help Mary fold clothes but often make a big mess out of it. Surprisely, she knows whose clothes belongs to who. ^^

She simply wants to do or find out everything & anything!

Only one word to sum her up, KPO!

But no matter how kpo she is, she's still my little 开心果!


Nice song by Jerry! :)

Raeann's school bag is torn already, i'm searching for a new one for her now.

I don't like Barney so it's out. Haha

I don't buy things i don't like, do you?

Saw a very cute Elmo bag online, i want to buy for her leh!!

The seller is from Singapore but yet charging a shipping charge of US $9.90 (flat rate) ??!!

Weird lor. Did i see wrongly or what?

Photobucket Photobucket

Raeann likes Elmo alot!

I think it looks comfortable to carry!

Ok, i'm buying!!!

Waiting for seller's reply now...

Other Cartoon Characters/Designs!



言承旭 - Thank You

知道你还难过 知道你还爱我









Thursday, October 15, 2009

I finally strike 4d after so long...

Something to clarify...

How many of ZY's friends read my blog and ask him if i'm an angel and if he really treats me that bad? Please don't do that anymore.

I blogged it here not becos i'm trying to gain sympathy. Why should i gain sympathy from people whom i'm not even close with? Hoping that they will give me money?

How long have i not been blogging about him already?

And i also don't intend to blog about him anymore. It's over!


I've no boyfriend, love or whatever right now! Please stop saying that i have one. Crazy.

As what Vic had posted on her FB, "Ignorance is Bliss" !

My ignore mode shall thus be turned on from this moment.

Oh yeah yeah yeah! I struck 4d yesterday!

Though is only a small amount of $500, i'm happy like fuck liao!

So shiok! Long time didn't strike 4d le...

Raeann's number came out, 0912.

I'm going to bring her out for dinner & her favourite ball game tonight!

Hahaha. Strike $500 i'm already so happy. Cannot imagine if i strike $10K, i will go crazy i think!

Honestly, i'm quite an easily contented person. Just as long as you know how to cherish & appreciate me, i'm happy enough. :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eat too much...

My tummy is super duper bloated. I eat too much + PMS!

And becos it's so bloated, i can't sleep last night. Thus, i went to read all the previous entries from my blog...

Read from July 08 - November 08 only, lots of memories came back to my mind!

This is the purpose of why i blog, i love blogging!


I mentioned that i'm very fussy over shoes lately. And this is my conclusion...

1) Charles And Keith

A member & used to be their loyal supporter. But nowadays, i can't seem to find one single pair that i like anymore. I don't know why? I think their designs are too complicated!

2) prettyFIT

Also a member but not really a supporter of them cos their shoes are very expensive! I change my shoes so often so i doubt i need to buy so expensive ones.

3) Mondo

Bought a few pairs from there cos i loved their designs! But, but, but... their quality really sucks. The tip of the heels never last!

4) U.R.S

Good quality but designs damn aunty. Haha!

5) DMK

When i wanna buy shoes, this brand doesn't ring a bell to me at all. I will pop in and take a look but never for once i will exit with something...

So, my favourite brand now is...


I bought 2 pairs in a week! WOooohoooo.



I love high high shoes! Cos i love tall tall man! Haha. Able to kiss without any troubles... Haha

I'm so sad now. Someone's leaving me... for a month! :( :( :(

I saw something that made me so fucking angry that i feel like crying out of frustration now.

To Mr Ho Zuyao : Stop acting you're so kind to my aunt & family. What you do behind my back, I JOLLY WELL KNOW. I kept quiet doesn't mean you can climb up higher on my head. You want to blow the matter, NO PROBLEM. I'm right here waiting! What an actor always trying to gain sympathy. NBCB!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

So many readers!

Hahaha See?

My blog's getting more and more popular! LOL! I guess partly i've to thank SPAMMER Jo for visiting.

She always got so much comments & things to say about me, wanna let people think that she disliked me.

But i think she don't!

Cos if she is, she won't be visiting & tagging my blog so often. I really must thank her for her full support. I'm very touched.


2 days ago, i gave a number on Molly's FB's wall.

I gave 3988 & yesterday 3rd prize 3998.


When we saw last night, we were there 'luan kan'.

Try harder next time.

This morning, a mummy cum sec sch friend, Ellen msned me about this! She asked me be a 4d forecaster.


Now cannot. Maybe when i pregnant than can! Cos when i was pregnant with Raeann, i struck 4d every week. YES. Every week!

Although i only bought one big, but i struck a few K overall.

It's so amazing lor. I buy what, open what. I can anyhow pick my Jurong Port Pass number & buy & it came out on that very night. I always dream of number that time also! Dream what, open what. Quite eerie... Haha!

ZY's always very gek sim that time cos he says i never share the number with him! But then hor, when he buy, never open liao!

I'm a si bei sway person so i definately don't have the luck. It's Raeann who bring me luck!

When will i have such luck again huh? Get pregnant again? With who? Nah. Impossible.

I leave it to fate. I don't like to 'pray' for numbers cos i feel it's not mine. If it's mine, any number i buy also will open one.

I really HATE it when people ask Raeann to pick number for them. My parents never do that to me & i also never do that to Raeann. So, what authority does others have? Want to strike 4d hor, do more charity. Stop dreaming! Hahahaha

Every person has his/her own luck. Stop snatching away my Raeann's luck & make her sway in future. Say me 'pan dan' (superstitious) or whatever. You all are very 'pan dan' too. Cos if you're not, you wouldn't ask a kid to pick number for you. You can pick it yourself too... Am i right?

I strongly against people who 利用 kids as their gambling token.

Not happy with me? Don't read my blog. It's simple. :)


Thank god it's Thursday! :)

Cos i'm on leave tomorrow!!! Ah khim is busy so i've to look after Raeann myself. But ZY will be picking her up at around 3pm.

Hence, i'm free after 3pm! Yippie!!!!!!!!!

Molly is on leave too! And we're going out for a lesbian date! Haha

I finally bought a new pair of shoes from Heatwave yesterday. Brought Raeann & Bobo to meet up with Molly for dinner at JP.

Though is just a simple meal @ Long John Silver, we're all very happy! =D

This Molly complained her foot got 4 blisters/injuries cos of her new shoes but hor, she still can walk very fast & alot. LOL!

Shopping is the best therapy/cure for everything!

I'm very fussy over shoes nowadays... Which is something good also... Cos i've so many fucking shoes but never wear them. And always think that i got no shoes... Haha! Woman!

Anyway, i'll blog again later. I got work to do now. :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My best friend is named Molly Fu! Haha

XS has a new name - Molly Fu!

Cos she is damn good at mor-ing. So i suggested this name to her & she's so happy. Cos she will LOL everytime i mention it.

Molly called me last night. She saw something on FB that made her damn shock & she needs to inform me to share the 'shockness' together.

I was... dumb-founded!

I cannot believe someone could actually see me as her idol & copy everything i do, buy & whatever. And this someone can act as if she don't know that i've bought or do when she actually read my blog... everyday! And she's a so-called friend.

She's trying to copy 101% out of me.

Well, i really don't mind to share nice goodies with friends & readers.

Whenever i see something nice, i would inform Molly immediately & ask if she wants to buy or not & i'll help her to buy if she wants.

I also don't mind if you kindly ask or inform that you liked what i bought & you wish to buy the same as well.

But i simply hate it when people seep seep (secretly) go & buy & act as if i'm the one copying her instead.

ie: I posted that i wanted to buy a certain design of LV bag. She can immediately go buy that particular design before i buy. And i've to eye on another design cos i'm not a copycat!

And alot more ok! I've been tolerating it for years already.

I'm not saying i've very good taste but i believe in my own taste & judgement.

How will you feel if your friend bring the same bag, wear the same clothes, had the same hairstyle, etc etc when you meet up together?

Wouldn't it be like uniform? Com'on. We're not 15 years old anymore!

Why can't she have her own image?

I think she sees me as her idol. I feel like asking if she needs my signature or not?

Cannot stand her! I think there's only 2 ways out.

1) Lock my blog.
2) Banned this person from my blog. (Anyone knows how?)



Ok, enough of all the angry stuffs. Something happy to share...

JJ is giving me 4 free movie tickets to Phobia 2! Wooooohooooo!

So happy! :)

Molly had watched it already & she feels it's quite a nonsense show. But she's going to watch it with me again! Haha


Molly Fu, i love you ok? Let's kiss on Friday! (>.<)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Green

My Monday Blue is not over yet & it's now passing to Tuesday Green.

When i woke up at 7am today, it was raining, freaking cold. I forced myself to bathe. Brrr... Brrr...

But even though i bathed, i'm still feeling so sleepy right now. :(

I'm not going to M'sia with the group anymore... Something cropped up and it's better for me to stay in SG.

Anyway, i hope they will enjoy bah!

Haha, i just received an email from a very cute reader...


Thank you Joice! I'll try to change my tagboard asap! (Darren, what's your secret to it? How did you managed to tag everytime & always?!)

徐绮 - Joey Swee? LOL! (Searching for her pic now...)

Actually, Jeremy told me this before! But then i don't like 徐绮 leh. I wanna look like Fann Wong, can? Haha It's possible after some major surgery lah...

Ok, i found Joey Swee's pic liao.


Do i look like her meh? LOL!

It's a compliment! Oh Joice, thank you for brightening up my day & waking me up from my sleepy mode.

I'll be glad to have a friend like you too! :)

I can cash out my Nuffnang again after this current ad from Singtel! It's the 2nd time for this ad, thanks Singtel! I love Singtel ads! Cos the earning is alot! Definately much more than others!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Lunch @ Riverwalk Jumbo!

Treated mummy for lunch @ Riverwalk as we need to bring 3 big bags of accounts to our auditor.

Yummy Jumbo seafood set lunch, worth it lor!

Executive grade of seafood at cheap price! Furthermore, there's 10% discount with Citibank card. :)

And the auditor firm's boss, which is mummy's friend, is very funny.

She asked her staff to take a picture of us cos she has not seen my mum for a long time. Ha!

SO FUNNY LOR! Suddenly, unprepared, she made us pose for her. LOL!


Just received the email from her & luckily it doesn't turn out very bad lah.

Mummy has slim down alot... :(

I looked very tired & 'nua' cos it's Monday; Monday Blue.

That pink car behind us is 4599 lor. Going to change her away liao, giving me so much problems lately. This spoil, that spoil. KNN!

CD player spoil & i cannot listen to my favourite songs! Si bei irritating!

Friday, October 2, 2009


I'm suppose to meet XS & Chui Er for dinner before our KTV session at 9pm.

But earlier, plan was changed to dinner at home first & Er jie will pick us around 8. I called XS at 7.30pm & she's still FBing. WAH LAU! Si bei MOR man.

Mary didn't cook so i'm going to skip my dinner AGAIN. Sigh. Last night skipped dinner cos i ai swee, apply nail polish & don't dare to eat! So happy with my goldie french! :)

I'm super bored lor, so i cam-whored.




The first 2 pics are unedited. So, does it makes any difference? :)

Alright, going out now! Byebye!