Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Alcohol make me fat!

I'm sure of the reason why i put on so much weight lately, like a balloon being pumped with air!

It's ALCOHOL!!!!!!!!!!

I've done a survey & i'm sure those alcohol that i consumed play a big part to my exploding weight.


I must quit drinking for... at least one month. So that i can slim down & then drink to put on weight again. Then after that, i will quit again & try to slim down again. HAHAHA

I will try cos somehow i'm addicted to drinking now. I've never like to drink in the past. I mean, i was once a casual drinker only. But now, it become a weekly affair. SIGH!

Molly! Let's quit this expensive & fattening hobby together! We really need to find some other things to do!

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