Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chiong ah!

These few days really chiong my work like siao! Cos i'm one kind; if i can't finish my work, i won't be able to sleep well at night, no matter is what kind of work. Just as long as it's something i should complete, i must complete. Taking a break now, hand cramp liao!

Yesterday 4d nearly drive me crazy! ARGH!

Alright, short & sweet, cos i quit buying 4d already & i missed the chance to take the $ that god wanted to give me!

But sometimes i do buy if i got some 'feeling'. Yesterday obviously i was staring at that number (FUCKING 9006! One of my crane's plate!) for more than 5 mins & mentioning it to 2 persons but no 'feeling' to buy! ARGH! $4K fly away. Sian!

First prize leh. What an idiot i am!

Anyway, it's over lah. It's a better today! :)

The short getaway trip next weekend should be confirm! I'm so excited! Hehehe

So many people going! Wooohooo! Bet it'll be fun with all those nonsenses. LOL!

Today's Children Day hor! Raeann got no school & yesterday the kids received presents from their teachers! I want to be a children also lah! So carefree... Life's good!

Raeann was asked to wear home clothes yesterday & the lesson was only 1 hr...



Look like SUMO anot? Haha


Mummy love you, Raeann.

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