Friday, October 2, 2009


Did whole lot of petty cash this morning & i'll be going to auditor firm after i finished blogging this entry. They're out for lunch mah. Haha

Raeann's getting more & more & more talkative. She can talk alot which can be understood but i don't know who teach her lor...

My mum : Girl ah, go find ah gong, ask ah gong give you mum-mum (food).

Raeann : No!

My mum : Go lah, go ask ah gong give you cuttlefish.

Raeann : 我吃包了! Mah Mah (ah khim) feed! (touching her tummy while saying)

Hahaha my mum cannot stop laughing lor.

Then after that they went up to Bobo's room... She asked Bobo, '你肚子痛啊?' Then she go & rub Bobo's tummy. Hahahahaha

She can remember my mummy's, ZY's, Mary's & my name now! LOL!

She's also very 两头蛇 lor.

When in front of me, she says, "I love mummy, don't love papa". But when in front of ZY, she says, "I love papa, don't love mummy".


Sometimes, i feel so guilty. I'm guilty for bringing Raeann to this world yet unable to give her a complete family.

I wonder how will she feels in future? Sigh

Heard so much, seen so much. 我真的看开了!

If it meant to be yours, it will be yours. Don't have to even fight for it.

People always tell me this, 'You have to fight for your own happiness'.

But how to?

Fight too hard = Negative results.

So meaningless... Life really sucks as i gets older!

I'm very emo lah! Cos stupid Ah Zhui sent me alot of emo songs! Ma de!

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