Friday, October 16, 2009


Guess what have i been doing for the whole morning?



All on Raeann's stuffs.

I want to buy shoes for her. But i saw so many designs & i'm lost! The maximum i'm getting is 2 pairs. Cos she will out-grow very fast, no point getting all the 4 pairs. But all are so cute leh!!! Which one should i order leh?

This pair comes in big size for the mum too. I asked Molly for opinion (whether i should buy one for myself too!) cos i feel it's quite cock if i wear this out! Haha She says i won't dare to wear...

YAH! She knows me well. I also think i don't dare to wear. LOL!


Difficult to match clothes anot??



These 2 pairs look similar. But both are cute!

How ah?? Oh btw, this web is recommended by Mummy Kimberly! Thanks babe!

More to come for my cutie pie! =)


Met up with Molly, Hamster & Liz for dinner last night. Liz was very amazed by Raeann's smartness. I told her, "She's smart cos she's dam KPO". Haha It's true! Cos she's curious for everything around her. But of cos, 80% credits goes to her school!

Wanna know how kpo Raeann is?

Example 1 : I was in mummy's room (2nd & half storey) yesterday. She was downstairs. My room is at 2nd storey. Molly called me, she heard. She immediately went up to my room & bring my hp to me! She told me, "Mummy, your phone!"

Example 2 : She put my hp to charge everynight!

Example 3 : She wants to help Mary fold clothes but often make a big mess out of it. Surprisely, she knows whose clothes belongs to who. ^^

She simply wants to do or find out everything & anything!

Only one word to sum her up, KPO!

But no matter how kpo she is, she's still my little 开心果!


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