Thursday, October 15, 2009

I finally strike 4d after so long...

Something to clarify...

How many of ZY's friends read my blog and ask him if i'm an angel and if he really treats me that bad? Please don't do that anymore.

I blogged it here not becos i'm trying to gain sympathy. Why should i gain sympathy from people whom i'm not even close with? Hoping that they will give me money?

How long have i not been blogging about him already?

And i also don't intend to blog about him anymore. It's over!


I've no boyfriend, love or whatever right now! Please stop saying that i have one. Crazy.

As what Vic had posted on her FB, "Ignorance is Bliss" !

My ignore mode shall thus be turned on from this moment.

Oh yeah yeah yeah! I struck 4d yesterday!

Though is only a small amount of $500, i'm happy like fuck liao!

So shiok! Long time didn't strike 4d le...

Raeann's number came out, 0912.

I'm going to bring her out for dinner & her favourite ball game tonight!

Hahaha. Strike $500 i'm already so happy. Cannot imagine if i strike $10K, i will go crazy i think!

Honestly, i'm quite an easily contented person. Just as long as you know how to cherish & appreciate me, i'm happy enough. :)

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