Thursday, October 22, 2009

iPhone great?

Wanted to blog about Raeann but i just have too much complaints about iPhone.

Nah, it's not even a phone that i've ever consider buying.

Cos i used my line to upgrade one E75 for my mum. And my mum uses her line to upgrade one phone for my dad & i uses my dad's line to get this stupid iPhone 3GS 16gb at only $49.00. It's as good as paying nothing lor, it's so cheap, that's why i stated it as FREE.

Actually, i've waited a long long time to change phone & my ideal phone was N97. But the stupid price just refuse to drop!!!!!!!! $488.00 with Premium 700 plan. SIAO!

I didn't know that iPhone can fetch such a high price without contract & it's my mum who told me so. She even know 8gb, 16gb or 32gb. I know nothing cos i'm not at all interested in this phone. Mai siao siao. My mummy's super upgrade now hor!

This fucking phone really freaks me out. No bluetooth, no mms, no flash, camera sucks, etc. How good can it be? These are all the neccessary funtions that i need & they have nothing. Somemore with their stupid touch screen, i send one sms for fucking 10 mins! Cos i keep pressing wrong buttons. CB!

I don't know what's going on with the craze out there cos so many people are actually 'loving' it & singing praises of it. -_-"

I'm selling it off & getting myself N97 with the money. But if there's no takers, i'll keep it for Raeann to watch cartoon & stick with my N82. Seriously, i still prefer my N82.

Say me orbit, stupid or whatever. But i doubt i will develop any liking for this nonsense phone. I don't surf net using phone at all. Screen so small + i've no time for it!

I just don't like it. Full stop.


Usually every night after work, me & Raeann will spent time lying on the bed after dinner & she will talk, talk & talk to me.

2 nights ago, she suddenly tell me... "I good girl leh!"

Me : No lah, Raeann so naughty.

Raeann : No! Raeann good girl.

Me : Then who naughty??

Raeann : Ash-ing mei mei.

Me : No... Ashlyn mei mei is good girl, Raeann is naughty girl.

Raeann : Raeann good girl, Ash-ing mei mei good girl.

Me : Ok ok, both good girl ok! Mummy sayang both!

Hahahaha She just want to tell me she's good girl & want me to hug her. LOL!

Then yesterday, i was doing hoola hoop for a good 30 mins. Raeann was writing with Mary. Mary suddenly make some funny noise...

Raeann : U CRAZY AH!

Mary : Hahahahahhahahhahahahah U then crazy ah!

Raeann : No! Aunty Mary crazy!


Now Raeann will follow every word we say lor. Thus, i must be extremely careful when i talk now. Hahaha

One thing very sweet of her is...

She says, "Good night Mummy, I love Mummy" to me every night before she sleep!


My heart always melt for that.

I love you too, Raeann.

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