Monday, October 5, 2009

Lunch @ Riverwalk Jumbo!

Treated mummy for lunch @ Riverwalk as we need to bring 3 big bags of accounts to our auditor.

Yummy Jumbo seafood set lunch, worth it lor!

Executive grade of seafood at cheap price! Furthermore, there's 10% discount with Citibank card. :)

And the auditor firm's boss, which is mummy's friend, is very funny.

She asked her staff to take a picture of us cos she has not seen my mum for a long time. Ha!

SO FUNNY LOR! Suddenly, unprepared, she made us pose for her. LOL!


Just received the email from her & luckily it doesn't turn out very bad lah.

Mummy has slim down alot... :(

I looked very tired & 'nua' cos it's Monday; Monday Blue.

That pink car behind us is 4599 lor. Going to change her away liao, giving me so much problems lately. This spoil, that spoil. KNN!

CD player spoil & i cannot listen to my favourite songs! Si bei irritating!

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