Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My best friend is named Molly Fu! Haha

XS has a new name - Molly Fu!

Cos she is damn good at mor-ing. So i suggested this name to her & she's so happy. Cos she will LOL everytime i mention it.

Molly called me last night. She saw something on FB that made her damn shock & she needs to inform me to share the 'shockness' together.

I was... dumb-founded!

I cannot believe someone could actually see me as her idol & copy everything i do, buy & whatever. And this someone can act as if she don't know that i've bought or do when she actually read my blog... everyday! And she's a so-called friend.

She's trying to copy 101% out of me.

Well, i really don't mind to share nice goodies with friends & readers.

Whenever i see something nice, i would inform Molly immediately & ask if she wants to buy or not & i'll help her to buy if she wants.

I also don't mind if you kindly ask or inform that you liked what i bought & you wish to buy the same as well.

But i simply hate it when people seep seep (secretly) go & buy & act as if i'm the one copying her instead.

ie: I posted that i wanted to buy a certain design of LV bag. She can immediately go buy that particular design before i buy. And i've to eye on another design cos i'm not a copycat!

And alot more ok! I've been tolerating it for years already.

I'm not saying i've very good taste but i believe in my own taste & judgement.

How will you feel if your friend bring the same bag, wear the same clothes, had the same hairstyle, etc etc when you meet up together?

Wouldn't it be like uniform? Com'on. We're not 15 years old anymore!

Why can't she have her own image?

I think she sees me as her idol. I feel like asking if she needs my signature or not?

Cannot stand her! I think there's only 2 ways out.

1) Lock my blog.
2) Banned this person from my blog. (Anyone knows how?)



Ok, enough of all the angry stuffs. Something happy to share...

JJ is giving me 4 free movie tickets to Phobia 2! Wooooohooooo!

So happy! :)

Molly had watched it already & she feels it's quite a nonsense show. But she's going to watch it with me again! Haha


Molly Fu, i love you ok? Let's kiss on Friday! (>.<)

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