Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Period cramp sux!

Home Affair

Bubble was being raped!!! By the stupid stray dog staying diagonally opposite our house, we called it Blackie.

My dad was so angry till he created a big scene last night. So paiseh! Luckily most all the neighbours are sleeping already!

This Bubble also cock eye. Want to fuck also choose a much better breed mah. Blackie is... DAMN UGLY lor!

Yesterday i was asking my siblings, "What if Bubble pregnant how? Can do abortion anot huh?". HAHAHA

I cannot imagine what kind of breed they will create, will be scary i guess! LOL!


For Sale

Oh btw, i'm selling this dress on behalf of a friend. It's brand new! Selling becos she bought 2 different colors of the same design.


Versace Inspired Chiffon Dress

Measurements : Size S (Pit to pit : 15 inches, Waist : 26 inches, Length : 33 inches)
Material : Chiffon with thick inner lining
Description : Inspired by Versace, Back Zip, Satin Pleated Waist Belt Trimming
Price : $28 (w/ normal postage)
Photo credit : Agneselle

Interested party, please email me @! Thanks!




I love this pic alot!

She was my best friend in secondary school! We used to stick together like superglue. Although for the past few years, we seldom contact & are not as close as before. But in my heart, i do cherish her as my friend alot! :)

Friends Forever, my dear Jamie.


Blog Revamping

People, i'm re-organising my blog! Those who wished to link up, please kindly tag your website on my tagboard within these 2 days. And those who locked their blog or change their blog address will be deleted from my list! Sorry!

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