Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Scary Monster!

Raeann fought in school yesterday. -_________________-"

With a new boy classmate!

And hor, that boy was beaten till quite jialat by her. duhz...

Haiz, don't understand why is she so violent?

I don't know how to teach her leh, really.

They asked me not to cane her & i've not caned her for a very long time already. And now, this kind of behaviour? Hit people when not happy...

She tried to explain to me last night on why the fight started.

Raeann : Cedrick 打我!

Me : Then?

Raeann : 老师打 Cedrick. (Demo-ing how the teacher hit his hand.)

Me : 为什么 Cedrick 打你? 你打他啊?

Raeann : NO!

Then she repeat and repeat what she said, over & over again...

I was told that the boy's face was scratched! AIYO

But i still don't know why the fight started.

No matter what, Raeann cannot be so violent lor. She's a girl leh! Wah lau.

Sigh. Really don't know what to do man. Strict let people say, lenient abit also let people say. STRESS ah!

I said alot of times before. If u people want to spoil her, be prepared of how nasty she will turn lor.

Don't ever blame me for not teaching her. Cos i dare to say i've done my best!

She's taking her graduation photo today! Haha

I hope it turns out well. :)

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