Thursday, October 8, 2009

So many readers!

Hahaha See?

My blog's getting more and more popular! LOL! I guess partly i've to thank SPAMMER Jo for visiting.

She always got so much comments & things to say about me, wanna let people think that she disliked me.

But i think she don't!

Cos if she is, she won't be visiting & tagging my blog so often. I really must thank her for her full support. I'm very touched.


2 days ago, i gave a number on Molly's FB's wall.

I gave 3988 & yesterday 3rd prize 3998.


When we saw last night, we were there 'luan kan'.

Try harder next time.

This morning, a mummy cum sec sch friend, Ellen msned me about this! She asked me be a 4d forecaster.


Now cannot. Maybe when i pregnant than can! Cos when i was pregnant with Raeann, i struck 4d every week. YES. Every week!

Although i only bought one big, but i struck a few K overall.

It's so amazing lor. I buy what, open what. I can anyhow pick my Jurong Port Pass number & buy & it came out on that very night. I always dream of number that time also! Dream what, open what. Quite eerie... Haha!

ZY's always very gek sim that time cos he says i never share the number with him! But then hor, when he buy, never open liao!

I'm a si bei sway person so i definately don't have the luck. It's Raeann who bring me luck!

When will i have such luck again huh? Get pregnant again? With who? Nah. Impossible.

I leave it to fate. I don't like to 'pray' for numbers cos i feel it's not mine. If it's mine, any number i buy also will open one.

I really HATE it when people ask Raeann to pick number for them. My parents never do that to me & i also never do that to Raeann. So, what authority does others have? Want to strike 4d hor, do more charity. Stop dreaming! Hahahaha

Every person has his/her own luck. Stop snatching away my Raeann's luck & make her sway in future. Say me 'pan dan' (superstitious) or whatever. You all are very 'pan dan' too. Cos if you're not, you wouldn't ask a kid to pick number for you. You can pick it yourself too... Am i right?

I strongly against people who 利用 kids as their gambling token.

Not happy with me? Don't read my blog. It's simple. :)

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