Thursday, October 8, 2009


Thank god it's Thursday! :)

Cos i'm on leave tomorrow!!! Ah khim is busy so i've to look after Raeann myself. But ZY will be picking her up at around 3pm.

Hence, i'm free after 3pm! Yippie!!!!!!!!!

Molly is on leave too! And we're going out for a lesbian date! Haha

I finally bought a new pair of shoes from Heatwave yesterday. Brought Raeann & Bobo to meet up with Molly for dinner at JP.

Though is just a simple meal @ Long John Silver, we're all very happy! =D

This Molly complained her foot got 4 blisters/injuries cos of her new shoes but hor, she still can walk very fast & alot. LOL!

Shopping is the best therapy/cure for everything!

I'm very fussy over shoes nowadays... Which is something good also... Cos i've so many fucking shoes but never wear them. And always think that i got no shoes... Haha! Woman!

Anyway, i'll blog again later. I got work to do now. :)

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