Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Green

My Monday Blue is not over yet & it's now passing to Tuesday Green.

When i woke up at 7am today, it was raining, freaking cold. I forced myself to bathe. Brrr... Brrr...

But even though i bathed, i'm still feeling so sleepy right now. :(

I'm not going to M'sia with the group anymore... Something cropped up and it's better for me to stay in SG.

Anyway, i hope they will enjoy bah!

Haha, i just received an email from a very cute reader...


Thank you Joice! I'll try to change my tagboard asap! (Darren, what's your secret to it? How did you managed to tag everytime & always?!)

徐绮 - Joey Swee? LOL! (Searching for her pic now...)

Actually, Jeremy told me this before! But then i don't like 徐绮 leh. I wanna look like Fann Wong, can? Haha It's possible after some major surgery lah...

Ok, i found Joey Swee's pic liao.


Do i look like her meh? LOL!

It's a compliment! Oh Joice, thank you for brightening up my day & waking me up from my sleepy mode.

I'll be glad to have a friend like you too! :)

I can cash out my Nuffnang again after this current ad from Singtel! It's the 2nd time for this ad, thanks Singtel! I love Singtel ads! Cos the earning is alot! Definately much more than others!

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