Monday, November 30, 2009


Why the fuck am i so tired today? I actually overslept despite sleeping at 10+pm last night!

I woke up at 7am to bathe but i still feel extremely tired after bathing. And i went back to zzzz!!!! What the hell!

Now i'm still high high into the sky... LOL!

Nope, i'm not drunk nor hangover. My mind is awake but my body is so lethargic...

Today's last day of November, need to do closing. And... in a blink of eyes, December is here already! Oh YAY!

I'm so proud of my little darling... Yesterday was her graduation celebration & she went up to the stage & perform!

I thought she will cry or even run towards us when she saw us. But no leh! She actually performed throughout the whole show. And so many people were looking at them! *cheers* My darling don't have stage fright like me! Hehe

She needs to put on 'ang ku kueh' make up on stage! So adorable! :)

I did this make up for her but it's not thick enough.

Ok na ka! I shall post up the remaining pics when i'm free.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pissed off!

I'm kan dulan with myself now.

I went to PS, Wisma & JP to book Thomas & Friends tickets but failed to book them... for the 3 times. CCB!

I don't wish to elaborate further cos i'll be more angry with myself. NB!

Raeann told me she don't want to watch & she wants the game (DS Lite again!)... So now, i'm thinking to get her the game instead? Should i??

She don't know how to play at all na & i already predict she will take & throw.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thomas & Friends - A Circus Comes To Town


I'm going to bring Raeann to watch Thomas & Friends @ Singapore Indoor Stadium on 5th December 2009.


The ticket isn't cheap lor! Raeann needs to buy ticket liao... Haiz!

She's too fat to be hiong inside cos below 1 yr old is FOC. LOL!


See na? If i book the blue zone, it will be $48 + $48 + $3 + $3 = $102.

NOT CHEAP!!! But it's ok! Cos i know Raeann will be enjoying it. :)

Patsy mama has already decided to go with me, now waiting for Molly's reply. Both of them are scare so have to do some serious thinking na. LOL!

11:51am : OK! Molly also ONZ le! Woooohoooo!

Just nice cos both of them are staying at the same area. I'll pick them on the way together!!

I'll make my way down to Sistic to do the booking later...

Thomas & Friends, we're coming!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drunk by chocolate!


The GODIVA alcohol chocs are heavenly!!! Even Raeann also sot tio lor. She keep saying, "I want somemore"! Hahaha

But of cos, i didn't give her na. Cos i scare she gets heaty...

It's damn nice na but i cannot taste any alcohol leh... Maybe i eat too little na. The kick will comes if i finish the whole box at one shot! LOL!

I 不舍得 finish it up so fast leh!! Bobo, please don't steal my chocs & waffles hor. I got count one hor... LOL!

The waffle is another good stuff. Wah lan eh! I love it na!!!

Oh yeah yeah. I'm using my new wallet lo!!!

Bobo says, at my age, long wallet suits me more. I also feel so!! =P
I'm so in love with it! Hope this wallet is lucky & don't let my $$ always flow away.
HUAT AH!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you Molly!~

Just back from lunch with Molly & Bryan.

Molly passed me alot of souvenirs... So happy na!!!

1) My LV Vernis Sarah wallet (Damn happy even though pocket broke a big hole!)


2) SWAROVSKI keychain


3) I ♥ ROMA tee for Raeann & me


4) GODIVA alcohol chocolate


5) Waffles & some misc chocs/biscuits


She spent a big bomb lor. Thank you girl! :)

I also feel like going Europe man! Paris has always been my dream... Sigh I wonder when can i go?? Most probably in my next life?!?

Keep it up dreaming, Joanne.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cute conversation...

This morning while sending Raeann to school...

Raeann : Mummy, 我要 BoBo 姨姨那个 game. (Referring to DS Lite!!!)

Me : Ok, Mummy 去买 ok? 可是 Mummy 没有钱 leh.

Raeann : 我有 leh!

Me : 你有钱啊? 在哪里?

Raeann : At home lor!

Hahahahahah Really BTH her lor. 人小鬼大! I told my aunt what she told me. Then my aunt asked her if she can give her the money anot... She said, "不可以"!!! LOL!

Her teachers said she's machiam a 小老师. Cos she can remember all her classmates' names & she can recognise whose thermometer is whose de. So cute!

I'm contented watching her grow... :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Super full!

Just back from my lunch, Aunt Susan's mee hoon kway. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ate one big pot lor. Haha

Not going to blog much. :)


Her eyes are watching TV.



Raeann's favourite sentences now : "What is this?" & "这个什么来的?"

She can ask 1728938003 times in one day na.

Sometimes, really don't know how & don't feel like replying her. But she will ask & ask until she get an answer!

Ok na ka. I gtg now. Byebye~

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Molly is back!

Oh YAY, my dear Molly is backie!!

She told me she will reach SG today at 6.45 & i thought it's in the evening. But she smsed me at 6.48am today. That means she's back 6.45am na!!!!!!!!!


Friday, November 20, 2009

One more day~ Wooohooo!

Tomorrow Molly will arrive Singapore at 6.45pm!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooohoooo~ I'm super excited to see her na!!

Yesterday, i chatted with M on msn. I was complaining to her that don't know why the bloody hell i look machiam i'm pregnant again! Hahaha

NO! I'm not pregnant na.

I'm just FAT! =X

And she requested me to post a pic of myself. But becos iPhone camera really sucks + i can't find the right way to take pic of myself, so i seldom take picture nowadays.

I tried a few shots yesterday...

It's ugly!

I cannot find any ways to edit to make it sharper, clearer & prettier also. And thus, i tried to make it uglier. HAHAHA

I succeeded.


This 新不了情 is making me damn emo! KNN!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bag Sales (Part I)

It's high time i should do something to our shop now. I admit, i'm plain lazy to manage it already. And thus, we're clearing our stocks below cost now!!!

Lelong Lelong ah!!

* All price are exclusive of postage charges.
* Normal Postage Charge : $1.50 per bag.
* Registered Postage Charge : Additional $2.50.


1) YY0789

U.P : $27.00
Now : $20.00



2) TWB888 - Black
U.P : $28.00
Now : $15.00

*Authentic Korean Bag Charm selling seperately @ ONLY $9.00!!!



3) TWB888 - White
U.P : $28.00
Now : $15.00

*Authentic Korean Bag Charm selling seperately @ ONLY $9.00!!!



4) TWB110
U.P : $28.00
Now : $16.00



5) TWB243
U.P : 18.00
Now : $10.00


Kindly email me @ for orders/enquiries.

Bag Sales (Part II) will be up when Molly's back from Europe! Stay tuned ya?

Busy busy~

I really love blogging too much to stop blogging man! How??!!

Raeann's favourite action now : Hide behind the table/chair/sofa and shout,

"Mummy, 我看不见你!"

Really buay tahan her man. She keep telling people she wants to eat Mc'donald. Haha I'm going to buy Mc for her tonight!

All my friends whom have met her before, keep wanting to 'date' her out again... I tell them that i'm busy, they say they want to meet Raeann & not me! -____________-"

Stupid Ah Fok sms me in the middle of Tuesday night, "I miss your daughter now. 2moro she going office?" I was sleeping already so i reply him on the next morning. Then he sms me again, "Today your darling eat lunch with who? Can i jio her?". Hahaha

Oh ya, she followed me to work for the past 3 days cos my ah kim went to Genting. I cannot work at all na! She webcam-ed with alot of people!! Hahaha


Other than Molly, i miss 'this' alot too! I want to finish that half bottle of canon at home. HAHAHA Just kidding!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Not blogging anymore! :)

Darling BFF had help me to buy Sarah wallet already!! She called me from Paris on Saturday... :)

Initially, i cannot decide to get Pomme D'Amour or Amarante! But in the end, i still stick to Amarante lor. It cost 10-20 euros more in Italy, France is cheaper. :(

But anyway, it's still cheaper than Singapore so it's ok ba!

When she's back on Saturday, i'm $800+ poorer liao. ARGH! Can someone teach me how not to spend so much anot??? I cannot stop spending lor. If one year buy so many LVs, i'll sure go bankrupt in no time.

Nevertheless, i still can't wait to see my new LV collection. :)

Aiyo, this Raeann keep asking me, "Ah Shan yiyi 在哪里?". I think she misses her also!

See la, Molly! So many people miss u!!

Brought Raeann to Vivo alone on Saturday... Then later at night, 'forced' to dad's friend's house warming. Raeann changed 3 sets of clothings as she requested to. Now, she wants to choose her own outfit too. She loves the Hush Puppies top i bought. She always tell me she wants to wear 'oh-oh' (baby language for doggie). Alright, let peektures do the talking na!

I'm not going to blog so much in future anymore na. Cos the walls have ears & i've too many stalkers. There are far too many people interested in my life na.

My Sunday was a very sad one. How i wished Molly was around na... I didn't want to disturb her trip but i 忍不住 sms her yesterday. No matter how far she is, she's still able to comfort me. I'm really glad to have this BFF around. :)

From today onwards, i shall keep my mind super clear. No r/s, no bf, no marriage, no love, no nothing. I need to be firm in order to fight through all ordeals for the rest of my life na.


Friday, November 13, 2009


YES! I finally deleted Safari & QuickTime from my laptop!

I hope it can speed up or else it's really time to change! $$$$

Regret is the only word i can use for staying at home today...

When is there peace for this house? Like the past?

Really really hate that crazy man's nonsense.

I don't wish to blog this at all. But i really BTH liao!

I give up hope on this person already...

Si bei chio!!!!!!

Ok, seems like nobody's able to help me. I need to 靠自己 liao!

Since i'm not going out tonight, i shall stay at home and figure it out!

I saw alot of people posting up on FB, "The Prettiest Thai Shemale". I kpo go click & watch.


Si bei chio lor.

I can't help but feel so 自卑! :(

KNN. Authentic female lose to a ladyboy! Help!!!!




Underwent surgery @ age 17. He's a female now.

Name: Nong Poy (Poy)
Real Name: Treechada Petcharat
Height : 171 cm
Weight : 48 kg
Measurement: 33 -- 24 -- 36
Awards : Miss Tiffany 2004 & Miss International Queen 2004

I'm so jealous lah!!!

Time for a change?!?

Wah lan eh! This iPhone is giving another problem lor!

It auto installed Safari browser into my laptop! I don't know why???

And it made my laptop super lag & always hang! I'm so pissed.

I wanted to uninstall but they prompted me a message saying, "You don't have enough access to uninstall".


Whole morning messing around with it already & it still cannot be uninstall! So angry! Anyone can teach me how???!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Baby, i miss u!

In quite a happy mood today... ^^

Last evening, brought Raeann to Pasta Inc. @ 279 Jalan Besar to celebrate Roseleen's birthday. She did not bring her son along (I tot i can finally see him!) & Raeann had no companion. :( But luckily, she did not whine, crank or mis-behaved. I'm glad. :)

It's a small & cosy nice Italian restaurant. I think it would be perfect for a lovely date! I love their tomatoes, it's so sweet! Haha

Had really good time meeting up with old "gangs". Miss the good old days!

I'm gonna join them more often, i promised.

What a pity that no pic was taken cos nobody remember to bring camera along, and iPhone camera sucks big time.

We reached home about 10+pm & Raeann was extremely tired already. She fell asleep immediately after bathing & milk. Her mum is very tired as well!

At about 11+pm, Molly Ping! me!! Wooohooo! She said she's at Paris Mc'donald & there's wireless, so she's able to Ping! me without any charges. So nice!!

She exceeded her limit for buying LV already but i haven place my order yet. :(

But she said she will try to get the Sarah wallet for me in Italy & hide it inside her luggage. It's at 425 euro - 12% tax refund = 374 euro. That's appromixately SGD770? That's consider cheap lor, compare to Singapore!


She also bought the Sarah wallet & we gonna have the same color/wallet! YEAH!!!

P/S : But what am i gonna do with my Koala huh? It's only 1 & half year old & still in very good condition lor. Sigh. TYPICAL WOMAN!

Did i mentioned that alot of people asked if we're twins when we go clubs?! LOL!

I miss my twin alot! She said she can't wait to come back to SG also. Hahaha

I don't know why the hell am i still coughing so badly!!! I wanted to eat Mc' but i want to get well fast. What should i do?

I'm showing mummy LV website now. And hor, i suddenly feel like buying so many bags leh. LOL! I'm tempting her to get one in local boutique. Hahaha And we can share our bags in future! YEAH!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Surrounded with good food!

It's impossible for me to go on diet cos i'm always surrounded with good food.

I see seafood on our dining table everyday... Which most probably explained why i'm quite scare of Mary's cooking now!

Tonight, i'm going to bring Raeann for italian food to celebrate Roseleen's birthday. Initially was very hesistant to go cos it's very far. But the thought of not bringing Raeann out for quite sometime already urged me to go. Moreover, Roseleen is bringing her baby boy so i guess Raeann will have partner & won't be so noisy?

Alot of birthdays this month lor! I'm so broke man! Almost every week also got dinner or party to attend!

Alright, i'm going out for a good lunch with my mummy now! :)

Enjoy peepz!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm very fat now!

Back from lunch with irritating Alvin. Bought the birthday present from Citigems at a good deal. (Thanks Patsy!) Received a call from Ric to inform me that there's another birthday dinner tomorrow. OMG!

Irritating Alvin asked me why are my legs and arms so fat now? My face ballooned alittle but also fat?


I told him i wanted to eat fatter cos i'm scare he will like me. LOL!

I'm quite puzzled why am i not affected by him? Cos usually i will be dam sad to hear this word fat no matter it came out from whoevers' mouth. Maybe i'm numb already? Or maybe he's nobody to me so i just bloody heck care?


Maybe it's time to go on diet now. =X

Is he worth it?

Apparently, without Molly, my life is totally Q.U.I.E.T! Hp quiet, FB quiet, office phone quiet, everything's quiet...

I miss Molly lah!

But hor, this morning, one irritating man is back!!! To spice up my life alittle?

This man is so irritating till i blocked him away from my MSN & ignored his call & sms for months already. But he used an unknown number to sms me earlier, "Let's go lunch leh!".

I replied, "Who are you?".

He said, "The one you say irritates u".


He's the one who tell me last time, "我越得不到的东西/人,我越想得到!".

For this, i feel that human are all very 贩贱! Including me.

We tend to overlook those who loved & are really good to us to persue those who don't even bother to look at us for a 2nd time.

Anyway, he's coming to pick me later for lunch. I need to go and search for a birthday present, i think he can give me some comments. :)

Yesterday, i went to Mini Toons to get some clips for Raeann's crocs shoes. She loves the doggie!!


Then, i went to Pasam Malam to get some finger food after work. She asked for a cap! And so i buy lor. $4.00 only!


It's blue cos she wanted Mickey Mouse. Don't have pink one leh~


Hahaha can u see Raeann's face?!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Boring leh!

I'm really so bored!

Usually this time, Molly will call me & talk cock de. But she's not around now. *sad*

I went to search for nice optical mouse on ebay. I found this...

WAH SEH! Dam chio lor.

I think if i buy it, Raeann will tell me 'neh neh pok' everytime i bring it home on Friday. Haha

But it's only $15.00 leh. Should i buy?!

Going to manage my Cafe World now. My food always have houseflies de! =P

Very blue-ish Monday!

First day without Molly...

Hahahahaha (I sounds like i 失恋!)

I guess she should be still on the plane right now & kpkb-ing lor. I hope she'll enjoy her Europe trip with hamster & time can pass faster! She'll be back on the 21st evening. She called me at airport yesterday & say, "I'll be back on 21st evening, let's go party after that!". Hahaha Power!!!

OK, i'll be waiting!

Since she's not around, these 2 weeks i'll stay at home and 闭关. Also to have more bonding session with my little precious. :)

Raeann's also having Monday Blues! She told me she wants to sleep & don't want to attend school. Hahaha And while on the way to school, she really fall asleep inside the car lor. I can see how tired she is... Must have play too much over the weekends.

Aiya, my mouse 'ki chia' liao. I need a new mouse!! I want a nice & chio one, where to buy?


I created this phrase out of sudden on Saturday. I think it's so true. :)

P/S : That Agneselle dress is sold already! Thanks for all the enquiries. :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Funeral Pic!

I've prepared myself a funeral picture. HAHAHA

I just took it a moment ago. I think it will be perfect on the funeral frame!

But... Molly urged me to remove it cos she said i look like ghost! =x

And so, i removed them from FB, here but not on MSN. Cos i think it look nice mah, no meh?


Do i look like ghost??!! lol

Sick liao~

Coughing very very badly + dam powerful sore throat now. Results of too much Mc'donald!!!!!!!!!! Argh. But i'm still craving for it now leh. I wanted to buy the breakfast this morning but my throat is dam pain!

- Pls let me recover by Friday -


Last night, i chatted on the phone with a 1982 senior from my secondary school for about 2 hours.

He smsed me, "do u mind, doing something very old school?"


Chatting on phone came to my mind immediately. It's been a bloody long time since i last chatted on phone with a man liao lor. =P

He's dam funny lah, very nice chatting with him. And i realise all my guys senior have super duper good memory lor. He told me something which i totally had no impression of it but he's so sure that it did happened.

Guess what? He said in year 1998 or 1999 (when i was sec 2 or 3), he gave me flower on Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!! I was laughing like mad. I thought he's joking with me. He asked me to go and ask my friends cos it was one of my friend who sold him the flower. But who? I cannot recall anything at all. LOL!

But then hor, his face never change after 10 yrs? Still as baby face as last time leh, i define him as 'cute'! Haha

I shall meet him for mahjong one day. Hahaha He's a mahjong king!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Super fucking bored now. Nothing to do in office. I'm staring at my laptop, blankly. Sigh

Yesterday, i really feel like killing this Darren. -____-"

He threw away Toa Payoh & Thomson cos he doesn't know i need them. Wah lau, these 2 are quite hard to get lor & yet he threw them away???


His mind only focus on Orchard road, Sentosa Cove & Joo Chiat cos i mentioned these 3 to him. It's partly my fault too, cos i should have tell him the whole list instead. LOL!

But i wondered why he can get them so easily? I eat so many meals also don't have lor. So unfair! :(

I felt so uneasy these 2 nights & i keep waking up from my sleep. WHY LIKE THAT!?!?! Sighz. I want to get him off my mind, seriously.


I downloaded some new apps on my iPhone. Testing it out!

1) Flash


I can see the big difference lor.

2) Polarize


Does Raeann look like Bruce Lee in this pic?

3) Chio





I love this app alot!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Mc'Donald Monopoly

I just had fillet o' fish meal with mummy for lunch. It's so worth it lor. Upsized only at $5.00! And 8 stickers! 2 sets = 16 stickers. ALL THE SAME PLACE LOR!

I won a small fries & fillet o' fish burger for instant win.

Surprisingly, my tummy recovered after eating! LOL. But i still feel as sleepy as ever.


These are the places that i need...

1) Sentosa Cove (Blue) --> 50K!!!!!!
2) Orchard Road (Green)
3) Scotts Road & Newton (Yellow)
4) Shenton Way (Red)
5) Joo Chiat (Brown) --> iPod Touch!!
6) Toa Payoh & Bishan (Light Blue)
7) Thomson Road (Pink)
8) Tanjong Rhu (Orange)

Places that i have extra...

1) Geylang Road x 2
2) Ang Mo Kio x 2
3) Queenstown x 1
4) Holland Road x 1
5) Robinson Road x 1
6) Amber Road x 1
7) River Valley x 1

GOOD LUCK TO ME!!!!!!!!!

And thanks to Mr Darren & Miss Molly for helping me to eat & collect. LOL!


Ate too much spicy food over the weekend and my tummy upset now! So pain lor. :(

Slept through my Halloween. Hahaha Si bei happening right?

The weather on Halloween turned my sleepy mode on lor. I felt so sleepy even though i sleep and sleep, Raeann too! LOL!

Raeann came back on Saturday KI SIAO again. My parents were the one who said it first. Cos i'm so numb already lor.

And you know what she said to me that day?

Raeann : Mummy 没有用!

Me : Who taught you to say this??

Raeann : PAPA

I believe, Raeann at this age now, will just repeat what she hear. And this is the first time she said this.

Is this the way how they teach kids? What a USEFUL tactic to make Raeann dislike me?! WOAH!

But honestly speaking, i really can't be bothered anymore. If you think you're so useful then congrats you lor!


This morning, while sending Raeann to school, she tried to struggle out of the car seat, her hands were stuck and guess what she said??

"Mummy, 我要死了!"


Really buay tahan her man. She can talk all sorts of rubbish now. LOL!

She dis-figured herself again on Saturday.

Me : Raeann, 你的鼻子美吗?

Raeann : 美! Mummy 没有美美!


I don't want this kind of 美 lor! =x