Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Super fucking bored now. Nothing to do in office. I'm staring at my laptop, blankly. Sigh

Yesterday, i really feel like killing this Darren. -____-"

He threw away Toa Payoh & Thomson cos he doesn't know i need them. Wah lau, these 2 are quite hard to get lor & yet he threw them away???


His mind only focus on Orchard road, Sentosa Cove & Joo Chiat cos i mentioned these 3 to him. It's partly my fault too, cos i should have tell him the whole list instead. LOL!

But i wondered why he can get them so easily? I eat so many meals also don't have lor. So unfair! :(

I felt so uneasy these 2 nights & i keep waking up from my sleep. WHY LIKE THAT!?!?! Sighz. I want to get him off my mind, seriously.


I downloaded some new apps on my iPhone. Testing it out!

1) Flash


I can see the big difference lor.

2) Polarize


Does Raeann look like Bruce Lee in this pic?

3) Chio





I love this app alot!!

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