Thursday, November 19, 2009

Busy busy~

I really love blogging too much to stop blogging man! How??!!

Raeann's favourite action now : Hide behind the table/chair/sofa and shout,

"Mummy, 我看不见你!"

Really buay tahan her man. She keep telling people she wants to eat Mc'donald. Haha I'm going to buy Mc for her tonight!

All my friends whom have met her before, keep wanting to 'date' her out again... I tell them that i'm busy, they say they want to meet Raeann & not me! -____________-"

Stupid Ah Fok sms me in the middle of Tuesday night, "I miss your daughter now. 2moro she going office?" I was sleeping already so i reply him on the next morning. Then he sms me again, "Today your darling eat lunch with who? Can i jio her?". Hahaha

Oh ya, she followed me to work for the past 3 days cos my ah kim went to Genting. I cannot work at all na! She webcam-ed with alot of people!! Hahaha


Other than Molly, i miss 'this' alot too! I want to finish that half bottle of canon at home. HAHAHA Just kidding!

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