Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thomas & Friends - A Circus Comes To Town


I'm going to bring Raeann to watch Thomas & Friends @ Singapore Indoor Stadium on 5th December 2009.


The ticket isn't cheap lor! Raeann needs to buy ticket liao... Haiz!

She's too fat to be hiong inside cos below 1 yr old is FOC. LOL!


See na? If i book the blue zone, it will be $48 + $48 + $3 + $3 = $102.

NOT CHEAP!!! But it's ok! Cos i know Raeann will be enjoying it. :)

Patsy mama has already decided to go with me, now waiting for Molly's reply. Both of them are scare so have to do some serious thinking na. LOL!

11:51am : OK! Molly also ONZ le! Woooohoooo!

Just nice cos both of them are staying at the same area. I'll pick them on the way together!!

I'll make my way down to Sistic to do the booking later...

Thomas & Friends, we're coming!!!!!!!!!!!!

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