Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cute conversation...

This morning while sending Raeann to school...

Raeann : Mummy, 我要 BoBo 姨姨那个 game. (Referring to DS Lite!!!)

Me : Ok, Mummy 去买 ok? 可是 Mummy 没有钱 leh.

Raeann : 我有 leh!

Me : 你有钱啊? 在哪里?

Raeann : At home lor!

Hahahahahah Really BTH her lor. 人小鬼大! I told my aunt what she told me. Then my aunt asked her if she can give her the money anot... She said, "不可以"!!! LOL!

Her teachers said she's machiam a 小老师. Cos she can remember all her classmates' names & she can recognise whose thermometer is whose de. So cute!

I'm contented watching her grow... :)

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