Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm very fat now!

Back from lunch with irritating Alvin. Bought the birthday present from Citigems at a good deal. (Thanks Patsy!) Received a call from Ric to inform me that there's another birthday dinner tomorrow. OMG!

Irritating Alvin asked me why are my legs and arms so fat now? My face ballooned alittle but also fat?


I told him i wanted to eat fatter cos i'm scare he will like me. LOL!

I'm quite puzzled why am i not affected by him? Cos usually i will be dam sad to hear this word fat no matter it came out from whoevers' mouth. Maybe i'm numb already? Or maybe he's nobody to me so i just bloody heck care?


Maybe it's time to go on diet now. =X

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