Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is he worth it?

Apparently, without Molly, my life is totally Q.U.I.E.T! Hp quiet, FB quiet, office phone quiet, everything's quiet...

I miss Molly lah!

But hor, this morning, one irritating man is back!!! To spice up my life alittle?

This man is so irritating till i blocked him away from my MSN & ignored his call & sms for months already. But he used an unknown number to sms me earlier, "Let's go lunch leh!".

I replied, "Who are you?".

He said, "The one you say irritates u".


He's the one who tell me last time, "我越得不到的东西/人,我越想得到!".

For this, i feel that human are all very 贩贱! Including me.

We tend to overlook those who loved & are really good to us to persue those who don't even bother to look at us for a 2nd time.

Anyway, he's coming to pick me later for lunch. I need to go and search for a birthday present, i think he can give me some comments. :)

Yesterday, i went to Mini Toons to get some clips for Raeann's crocs shoes. She loves the doggie!!


Then, i went to Pasam Malam to get some finger food after work. She asked for a cap! And so i buy lor. $4.00 only!


It's blue cos she wanted Mickey Mouse. Don't have pink one leh~


Hahaha can u see Raeann's face?!

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