Monday, November 16, 2009

Not blogging anymore! :)

Darling BFF had help me to buy Sarah wallet already!! She called me from Paris on Saturday... :)

Initially, i cannot decide to get Pomme D'Amour or Amarante! But in the end, i still stick to Amarante lor. It cost 10-20 euros more in Italy, France is cheaper. :(

But anyway, it's still cheaper than Singapore so it's ok ba!

When she's back on Saturday, i'm $800+ poorer liao. ARGH! Can someone teach me how not to spend so much anot??? I cannot stop spending lor. If one year buy so many LVs, i'll sure go bankrupt in no time.

Nevertheless, i still can't wait to see my new LV collection. :)

Aiyo, this Raeann keep asking me, "Ah Shan yiyi 在哪里?". I think she misses her also!

See la, Molly! So many people miss u!!

Brought Raeann to Vivo alone on Saturday... Then later at night, 'forced' to dad's friend's house warming. Raeann changed 3 sets of clothings as she requested to. Now, she wants to choose her own outfit too. She loves the Hush Puppies top i bought. She always tell me she wants to wear 'oh-oh' (baby language for doggie). Alright, let peektures do the talking na!

I'm not going to blog so much in future anymore na. Cos the walls have ears & i've too many stalkers. There are far too many people interested in my life na.

My Sunday was a very sad one. How i wished Molly was around na... I didn't want to disturb her trip but i 忍不住 sms her yesterday. No matter how far she is, she's still able to comfort me. I'm really glad to have this BFF around. :)

From today onwards, i shall keep my mind super clear. No r/s, no bf, no marriage, no love, no nothing. I need to be firm in order to fight through all ordeals for the rest of my life na.


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