Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sick liao~

Coughing very very badly + dam powerful sore throat now. Results of too much Mc'donald!!!!!!!!!! Argh. But i'm still craving for it now leh. I wanted to buy the breakfast this morning but my throat is dam pain!

- Pls let me recover by Friday -


Last night, i chatted on the phone with a 1982 senior from my secondary school for about 2 hours.

He smsed me, "do u mind, doing something very old school?"


Chatting on phone came to my mind immediately. It's been a bloody long time since i last chatted on phone with a man liao lor. =P

He's dam funny lah, very nice chatting with him. And i realise all my guys senior have super duper good memory lor. He told me something which i totally had no impression of it but he's so sure that it did happened.

Guess what? He said in year 1998 or 1999 (when i was sec 2 or 3), he gave me flower on Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!! I was laughing like mad. I thought he's joking with me. He asked me to go and ask my friends cos it was one of my friend who sold him the flower. But who? I cannot recall anything at all. LOL!

But then hor, his face never change after 10 yrs? Still as baby face as last time leh, i define him as 'cute'! Haha

I shall meet him for mahjong one day. Hahaha He's a mahjong king!!!

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