Monday, November 2, 2009


Ate too much spicy food over the weekend and my tummy upset now! So pain lor. :(

Slept through my Halloween. Hahaha Si bei happening right?

The weather on Halloween turned my sleepy mode on lor. I felt so sleepy even though i sleep and sleep, Raeann too! LOL!

Raeann came back on Saturday KI SIAO again. My parents were the one who said it first. Cos i'm so numb already lor.

And you know what she said to me that day?

Raeann : Mummy 没有用!

Me : Who taught you to say this??

Raeann : PAPA

I believe, Raeann at this age now, will just repeat what she hear. And this is the first time she said this.

Is this the way how they teach kids? What a USEFUL tactic to make Raeann dislike me?! WOAH!

But honestly speaking, i really can't be bothered anymore. If you think you're so useful then congrats you lor!


This morning, while sending Raeann to school, she tried to struggle out of the car seat, her hands were stuck and guess what she said??

"Mummy, 我要死了!"


Really buay tahan her man. She can talk all sorts of rubbish now. LOL!

She dis-figured herself again on Saturday.

Me : Raeann, 你的鼻子美吗?

Raeann : 美! Mummy 没有美美!


I don't want this kind of 美 lor! =x

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