Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Surrounded with good food!

It's impossible for me to go on diet cos i'm always surrounded with good food.

I see seafood on our dining table everyday... Which most probably explained why i'm quite scare of Mary's cooking now!

Tonight, i'm going to bring Raeann for italian food to celebrate Roseleen's birthday. Initially was very hesistant to go cos it's very far. But the thought of not bringing Raeann out for quite sometime already urged me to go. Moreover, Roseleen is bringing her baby boy so i guess Raeann will have partner & won't be so noisy?

Alot of birthdays this month lor! I'm so broke man! Almost every week also got dinner or party to attend!

Alright, i'm going out for a good lunch with my mummy now! :)

Enjoy peepz!

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