Monday, November 9, 2009

Very blue-ish Monday!

First day without Molly...

Hahahahaha (I sounds like i 失恋!)

I guess she should be still on the plane right now & kpkb-ing lor. I hope she'll enjoy her Europe trip with hamster & time can pass faster! She'll be back on the 21st evening. She called me at airport yesterday & say, "I'll be back on 21st evening, let's go party after that!". Hahaha Power!!!

OK, i'll be waiting!

Since she's not around, these 2 weeks i'll stay at home and 闭关. Also to have more bonding session with my little precious. :)

Raeann's also having Monday Blues! She told me she wants to sleep & don't want to attend school. Hahaha And while on the way to school, she really fall asleep inside the car lor. I can see how tired she is... Must have play too much over the weekends.

Aiya, my mouse 'ki chia' liao. I need a new mouse!! I want a nice & chio one, where to buy?


I created this phrase out of sudden on Saturday. I think it's so true. :)

P/S : That Agneselle dress is sold already! Thanks for all the enquiries. :)

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