Tuesday, December 29, 2009

100% ♥ !

I'm so in ♥ ♥ ♥ with my new pedicure now! :)


Love the colors & effect. Thumbs up for my manicurist!

I was being 'physco' to sign up for their package & i did. Haha!

It's expensive lor but i don't know why i signed up either? The people are nice & sincere bah!

At least now, i've a fixed therapist for mani/pedi & waxing. I hope it's gonna last me the whole of next year with my credits purchased. ($1,284.40 can last for one year?! Heng can pay by 12 months credit card instalment lor! LOL! Next month i'll know 死字怎么写了!)

Sigh. I'm leading sucha spendthrift life now. Spend, spend & spend on impluse! Then, regret later.

Actually hor, while on my way back, i'm so 心痛 till i kept thinking about it & my side mirror hitted on a lorry! TMD! DOUBLE IMPACT MAN! The whole mirror flew out lor! Luckily i managed to fix it back by myself but there are some scratches liao... =(

Words to console myself : Rather than i spend the money on drinking right? At least i see 'results'. Haha

Aiya. I'll start saving in 2010. =)

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