Saturday, December 12, 2009



Yesterday night was damn NUA!

Initial plan was to board the gambling cruise & back only today morning... But, end up decided to drop the idea. I don't really like to gamble na! It's been months since i last played mahjong. Haha

I wore a 'Batman' tee & jeans out lor, so was Molly. Haha


Then we went party, with Patsy!!! LOL!

A man, who said he's a CID came & know me. I just say 'Hello' lor. Out of sudden, the waiter came with one tower of beer & told me it's the man who treated us de. Hmm...

In this case hor, we drank a total of 3 towers! SCARY!

But i left early, cos i was drunk already. Haha But surprisingly, i'm still able to make my way home alone. LOL!

Frankly speaking, i'm damn sick of drinking now leh! Even though i prefer my current life, but i'm really really sick of clubbings liao. Now, i've to drag myself to club lor. Cos i really got nothing to do when Raeann's not around!

We have decided to quit after Molly's birthday. No more clubbings after 17th Dec. =)

I want to go genting again leh! But Patsy jio me to go BKK in May 2010. Chey! Still long lor... I also cannot confirm now. Cos i've many tasks to accomplish next year!! And i need lotsa $$$!! Argh! I need to save money for my divorce now! SIAN SIAN SIAN...

After my divorce, i assume that there will be many changes in my life? I don't know. But i guess i will be able to adapt to it. =)

Mummy said, after my divorce... not to have bf until i'm 30 years old!!! Hahahahaha

That's another 4 years plus! But then, this type of thing is very hard to say 1 mah. LOL!

I told her i'm not getting married again. It's so much hassle lor. Marriage is cheap but divorce is so expensive. TMD! I would rather co-habit leh!

Anyway, i'm going for dinner now.

See ya!

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