Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy 25th, Molly!

Yesterday, i spent $29.00 on express pedi + mani. It's the most expensive express nails service i had. And it's damaged today... -____-"

Haiz... I'm super low morale today lor!

Cos i woke up at bloody 6am. I had a ridiculous nightmare! LOL.

I dreamt of ZY, having another woman & i was crying in my dream!! TMD. For the first time after so long, i had such a dream. Am i mad or what?

And so, i woke up at 6am & i don't dare to go back to sleep... cos hor, i scare the dream will continue. Hahaha

I don't want to have such dream again. PLS!! Let me have a nice sleep & don't torture me in my dream again.


Finally... finally...

It's my dearest Molly's birthday today~

Happy Birthday my sweetest best friend. May beauty, health, wealth & everything you wished for follow you all the way...

I had a peep of the PENIS cake already. Hehe

SP sent the pic to me & i'm satisfied! =)

But since it's gonna be a surprise for Molly, i'll post it up another time.

It's ok! Molly requested to see & i've posted it up on my FB le...

Let me present you the... PENIS AKA LAN JIAO CAKE!



TMD. This dick head is enormous man! LOL!

I was asking SP, how come the balls so small & buay balance one? She told me, 3D effect with veins! Hahahahahhahaha

Anyway, if anyone wishes to customize any cakes, you can find her! She did a
good job for me & i'm sure she'll do a good job for you too!! ^^

I still don't know what to wear tonight leh.

I hope everyone will be able to enjoy tonight na!


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