Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nobody But You!

I want nobody nobody but you... I want nobody nobody but YOU!

Wow... Raeann slept from 8.20pm last night till this morning 8am!!

And when she woke up this morning, she said, "Good Morning, Mummy!" with a bow somemore! Haha

Now, Raeann can speak a little hokkien. And she can understand? I ain't sure but when we speak in hokkien, she will reply in chinese or english. And she reply to the question correctly! Hmm...

What's up for X'mas eve?!

My house got BBQ! LOL The aunties & uncles gathering again! It seems like a weekly affair now. But anyway, it's non of my business. Haa!

38 Patsy jio me go her house for Turkey?!! OMG. Haha

Nobody allow me to bring Raeann to M'sia for Ashlyn's birthday celebration. :(

Which means i'll be ALONE... so lonely...

But i told Molly le, if i were to club with her on X'mas eve, i won't be able to drive up to M'sia with them le. How to tahan? Later reach M'sia have to 'dong' another one more night plus i've to drive? I don't want to die so fast!

OK NA KA! I'm so full now till i can hardly think of anything to blog! Bye!

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