Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Some overdue peektures from Patsy's cam...

It's party time!



*Pardon the different sizes pics. Cos one super drunk charbor take the pics slanted & includes alot of 'unwanted' people in the background. Hence, i've to crop 'them' away.

Went out with Patsy mama these few times...

She brought us to a new place. Though i don't really like it cos of it's market environment, but i still enjoy their company. Afterall, no matter where you club, it's the companion that counts what! Agree?

OK NA KA is the quote for 3 of us now. LOL!

We look forward to club together again. But... now... WE'RE ALL SO POOR LIAO!

When you want to enjoy, it makes your pocket poor.
When you're always busy earning $, you've got no time to enjoy.

It's so contradicting!!!

What do i really want????

These few weeks, alot alot of people have been asking me...

"What did you eat? Why are you so fair???"

I seriously don't know how to answer lor...

I just reply, "It's natural!". Hahahahaha

It's true lor. I don't even need to apply sunblock or any whitening lotion!!

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