Monday, December 21, 2009

Round 2!

Molly celebrated her birthday for consectively 4 days. I surrendered after the 2nd day. Really BTH man. My pimples are popping out due to Martell & not enough sleep. SADDDD!

2nd round of celebrations with Meiqi & gang @ Club Mango. I quite like that place cos it's clean, nicely renovated & not smelly. Just that the location is abit... out of area, situated at 101 IOI Plaza. The taxi driver don't even know where issit lor.


The authentic Chiong Sin! *Salute*


Bad hair day! I hate my hair! I want to change hairstyle~ Urgh!



I never expect a 25th Birthday could be so happening man...

More to come lor!!!!

January - Jamie's
February - Patsy's

Wah lan eh. How to quit like that har??

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